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African American Journalists Essay

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Question 5 first asaignment News : Text and Institutions.Describe how a minority group is portrayed by the media.I spoke with you in England and my professor said that it was ok to use African Americans.By Adriana E Sanchez During the 1700ths when America was looking from its independence from England , the slave situation was used in a particular way. The pre-Revolutionary press printed a few articles letters and poems that described and compared their situation under the English rule with a situation similar to the ones that the slaves had to encounter.However despite the recognition of the suffering of the slaves, the Independence of 1776 applied only to white men. After the independence ...view middle of the document...

To justify their actions against the slaves it was necessary to dehumanize them. One of the main justification toward slavery was that slave traders were actually doing slaves a favor because according to the slave traders in their land the slaves worshipped savage and pagan gods, by bringing them to America the slave trades were exposing them to civilization and god. An other stereotype was that Africans were not quite humans but rather primitive beings that lived in savage conditions. The most benevolent of these justifications was that the slaves were childlike beings that needed guidance. These ways of thinking became common in magazines and newspapers during the time of slavery.If slavery is no longer existent one must ask why and are these stereotypes existent in our society. Large segments of the white population have only superficial contact with racial minorities either in their neighborhoods or at work . They have few sources to inform them about racial issues. Most consumers think that the portray of the news media of racial minorities is an accurate one , however they are unaware of the other elements that are sometimes present in the production of the news The media is a synthetically environment were images can be manipulated to support an idea or a belief that is convenient for the person that is in charge of providing these images to the public. Thanks to the manipulation of the media, systems can remain in power the stereotypes presented in the media reinforce the idea of the superiority of the white race. When a person is exposed to images of crimes where the perpetuator is an African American , or newspaper articles that show a picture of a drug addict women is feeding a baby is easy to see that these images can send the message That the majority of African Americans are violent, criminal, drug Addicted and on welfare. And because these images come from the news media which claims to represent reality and to provide unbiased information about society, non minority citizens tend to believe that these images apply to all African Americans . News media visual messages have a credibility that the portrayal of a violent African man in a movie does not have.When non minority citizens see negative images of their own culture, they sense that those portrayed are the exception to the rule , they are not the citizens that they personally know. But in many cases the viewers do not have an appropriate perspective of the world of an African American , therefore is easier for the white population to assume that these images are true.Media images like these reinforce a set of stereotypes about African Americans that non minorities absorbed from their culture as they were growing up. These images were presented in books . movies, radio. These assumptions about African Americans are reinforced by the news media that no minority groups turn to get accurate information of the world in which they live.Until the late 1950s, news media...

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