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African American Males And The World

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The world has come a very long way since segregation was demolished with the help of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This has opened a lot of doors for African Americans in the United States. Better job opportunities and better chances at managing a stable family life. Sadly as time has passed and we have rolled into the 21st century things aren’t looking so great for the African males in school. This rate changes from time to time, yet we don’t know why or what it really is. So, what is the average graduation rate for African American males and why?

Statistics, the one source of information that almost everyone turns to in order to determine how often something happens. With statistics we can ...view middle of the document...

Burger flipping doesn’t pay the bill at the end of the day.

Let us move on to the people who tried their best to resolve these problems. A school in North Carolina wanted to decrease the achievement gap between the African male students with the other students. Now, home and school are key environments in helping to develop and encourage academic progress. Without one of the two I’m sure keeping this procedure up would be quite difficult. From the teachers point of view, African American teacher, both male and female, are at an advantage of four to nine with other teachers by this schools standards. To fix this there would be about 2-3 African students assigned to these teachers, mainly males. Curiosity strikes at how this helps in the slightest at fixing this achievement gap they’re complaining about. Apparently by placing majority of the African students with the other minorities who work hard, it will encourage them work a little harder and achieve in life.

Finally we come across a school by the name of Del Prado, who has actually done something about the testing scores at their school between the African students and the European American students who populate most of the school. Around when it came time for students to take their final test, the Euro students, 80% of the school, had an FCAT score of 2.4 while the Africans had a score of 1.7. After what they saw from these scores they took immediate action to provide help such as tutorial and mentors to get them on the right track to get higher grades and to graduate. More than 1,000 students partook in this “Environment mentor” program and all the parent were pleased with the results they saw from their...

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