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African American Movements In The 20th Century

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The Modern Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement made a big impact on the viewpoints in America and how society would be. As a whole it changed society and the rights now given to all people regardless of skin color. It was a breakthrough and a relief given to people of color, their main goal was equality for all. The Modern Civil Rights Movement was all about equality. African American just wanted their own “piece of the pie” in society. To be given equal rights and opportunity. They were nonviolent, usually focused on Judea-Christian tradition. They focused on morality and used “white racism” as leverage. A good example of a leader who used tactics of this peaceful way of trying ...view middle of the document...

Black Power was very focused on the heritage of African peoples.
Black Power was very self-reliant and on the offensive side of things whereas the Modern Civil Rights Movement was defensive. They always carried weapons and loved using the 2nd amendment saying that they would “defend themselves if they had to.” They were very proud in their race and thought of themselves as superior to whites, and focused on Muslim approaches and belief. Not only that, but they believed in the idea of masculinity. Of course there were strong black women as well, but it was very much led by men. A majority of them were also wanted to be separate from everyone not of color with heritage and history. They were very non-integration altogether. This reflected tension, and uneasiness about whites to the point of blacks being racist toward whites. Now that I have stated who these groups are, what they stand for, and what makes them unique. Now we will look at the things that these groups have in common.
Even though these groups are different, they still wanted the same, main outcome; equality, rights, and freedom. They wanted better healthcare and reliable help to be more attainable for the black community. They wanted the same educational rights and to not be afraid of society due to lack of equality. They wanted fair and speedy trials. Another thing that these people all used was the constitution. As a whole, the Modern Civil Rights Movement used freedom of speech, protesting, and peaceful marches as a way of demonstrating what they wanted. Black Power used the 2nd amendment with the right to bear arms. Also, they both fought to equality of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To try and gain equality, both groups used the legal system. The realities of being an African American during this time were that there were many brutalities. People were easily arrested, beaten, punished, blamed, and framed. Their children were even discriminated against in schools. They were not given equal education, healthcare, jobs, or opportunities. There were violent groups out to get innocent people walking the streets, and if you were a popular black person in the public eye in movements; They had to be careful during this time because it was not uncommon to find your house lit on fire or to be threatened daily.
There were blacks being hung, left for dead, children getting taken away in the system, reportedly being beaten with burning crosses in peoples’ yards. There was no peace for blacks, there was constant prejudice and hate against them. It was hard for any black person to find a job that was good paying. They couldn’t just be anyone, and especially no one important, like a nice doctor or lawyer. Police were never fair and were quick to judge. People were getting shot and ran down every day for being black. These were all things that blacks were trying to have fixed. Women were fighting for their children to have...

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