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African American Slavery In America Essay

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African American Slavery in American

African Americans gained freedom after the Civil War ended, they gained freedom to live life in public as normal people. However, being respected and the rights of citizenship alone where not enough to survive without also earning the right to work to earn money. The history of African American immigrants is not like the any other culture that have the desire to live a better life. The British were one of the most important colonizers in America and they had difficulty taking and securing land from the Native Indians and coming up with frontier settlements. The battle to establish and maintain the Caucasian existence was difficult there was a lot of bloodshed, sweat and tears for them to survive the winters with the determination of establishing a new colony.
Enslaved African American were transported in massive numbers across the Atlantic Ocean ...view middle of the document...

Around this time African slaves began to satisfy the needs for woodworking, tailoring, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, longshoremen, and even as pilots that guided ships in and out of harbors (Davidson, 2008).

Slave varied by their geographical location and based on the needs. An example of this would be the North, were farms sizes were smaller so are large number of slave works was not
Needed as much. They were shipped to big cities in the south were they were predominantly needed. Whereby slaves would work within service and manufacturing industries where they would build ships and bind books (Connerly, 2002). In the eighteenth and nineteenth century the ownership of African slaves as well as the violence actions towards them grew. Slave owner were given inhumane salve rights that allowed such heinous treatment towards African American slave such as being mutilated, beaten, lynched and even killed the slave that did not perform or killed to intimidate those who wouldn’t perform. Owning slave and the became a way of life and with interchange uses slaves were viewed as commodities and not as people; thus allowing slave owners to declare fit treatment of them (Kelley, 1996). Slaves that were born in America had no identity besides the stories that other slaves told. The revolutionary War Declaration of Independence and equality of all men. Aware of the discrepancy owners had established “hierarchies of power” and dictatorship placed African’s at the lowest level of human development (Kelley, 1996). African’s had not much more than hopes for salvation to embrace for hope and comfort that a Supreme Being would save them from disparity. Beyond doubt the Christian Church became a manifest of African American Culture within America.

Additional Topics to discuss:
 hierarchies of power / development of the constitution
 Abraham emancipation proclamation / civil war
 Establishment of Negro National League
 Civil rights movement
 Christianity and church intervention
 WW1 and great depression

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