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African American Youth And Their Lack Of Interest In Black History Month

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Cultural identity is a person’s background and how it refers to that person or groups culture, what you eat, think, and the actions that you take are all parts of the cultural aspect of culture identity. If you was to ask someone what the culture identity of the African Americans were no matter the race of the person you asked they nine times out of ten would mention the importance of black history month, but while the races around us are able to recognize the importance of this historic month why is it that today’s generation of young African Americans don’t realize the importance of this month? The race of people it celebrates, has placed it on the back burner. Due to the rise of ...view middle of the document...

Black History Month to this generation isn’t just another month yet a tribute to all the work that they put forth, a reminder that change is possible.
“We are not makers of history, we are made by history.” (King. M). If someone doesn’t know where they come from, how can they possibly know where they are going? The reason that the black youth of today are so unattached to the African American struggle is because you can’t appreciate what you don’t know. The youth today has been rewired by the media so much so that they can’t tell you any of the rights activist besides the common Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Mary McLeod Bethune. The youth’s lack of identification is not solely tied to technology but also to the media. Think about what is broadcasted on T.V during Black History Month, look at what’s being taught in the classroom kids today are being taught that African American culture isn’t a part of the American history. “In 1926 African Americans were "colored" and short shrift was given in the public schools about the rich contributions which were already part of American life. If students weren't taught about them and to acknowledge them, who would? Over time, since 1926. Black History Week has morphed into Black History Month, further proof that African Americans continue to achieve high marks in many fields of study, invention and discovery.” (Love. R) An although it’s talked about in schools doesn’t mean that the kids of today will relate to it. The youth of today isn’t culturally affluent in all things historically black simply because they relate more to the culture of today opposed to the culture over 50 years ago. Today’s young people are concerned with their social media, music, and fashion.
Music is the common...

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