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African Americans And Enslavement Essay

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From the physical enslavement of rape, murder, hangings, lynching’s, whippings, mutilation, and so much more to the mental enslavement caused by detached heritage, systematic abuse, and media representation, African Americans have developed a sense of self-hatred. When analyzing the American dehumanization of Africans not only is a poignant sense evoked but also a sense of astonishment to the systematic domination of the Africans. This domination is having a lasting effect and is at a peak within the community. No longer intentional, society still contributes to the epidemic but now instead of it singly being those of racist views casting a negative image of African Americans; African Americans are doing it to themselves now as well. All begging from the Euro American imperialistic tactics, the history of Africans in America is tragic.
Recalling the historical cause of African Americans from the begging of their American journey shows the systematic tactics for control and the robbery of culture, which effects are still seen today. Africans being loaded upon ships packed like luggage instead of people were chained to several others of different African nationalities. This was indeed a practical choice with the language barrier and the fear of not only brining harm to yourself but to your chain members stopped them from making any rash decision. While journeying to America, they faced the hardships of seeing innocent human beings chained together thrown overboard, legs chained closed while giving birth, and children drowned which begins the physical enslavement. Being sold at an auction as if they were capital and not humans began the self-hatred. Being separated from family during auctions broke the bonds of heritage simply because the separation of the children from their family leaves them and generations to come with no history to be taught, no culture to learned, and no admiration of what they come from, all they will ever know is slavery. In Davis , K. (2007). A Girl like Me: A Mirror to Self-Hatred in the Black Community. "A Girl Like Me", a girl comments "We're ripped of our don't know where you're from. It brings on anger in black females. They feel they have the right to disown any African roots." While another says "you're missing a part of you...It keeps us at a loss because we're busy searching for it while everyone else is always throwing their ideas and what they believe should be." These statements alone contribute to idea that snatched culture contributes to the hatred of one’s self. Having no culture of your own while other do evokes a sense of inferior worth. Your name with heritage and culture attached to it stripped from you and you’re given the last name of your oppressor, how sick? In Baldwin, James. "White" Baldwin's Nigger. (1968): Print James Baldwin discusses a conversation he had with a and how the man questioned his origin, Baldwin responded “I can’t find where I’m from because my entry to America was...

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