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Though I am a feminist like every woman, I do not like it to be an obstacle in a relationship or marriage and I respect the difference in gender, my thoughts are quite blend-able with African society. I root for marriage and I would prefer to do anything to keep my bond with my partner alive but sadly, though many will agree with the bond part, but individuality is not the answer.
Comparing feminism and woman rights as equal is similar to deduce that Jewish’s self –endurance is equal to Zionism. Feminism needs to be reconstructed after evaluating its concept, diverting them against the common cultural quest for genders harmony and justice.
Africa’s concept of society has three main predominant factors, males are the focal point of the society, spirituality is a key component, biological determination (ancestors for example) is fused into the basic ethical concept of Africa; which is based on community unison and not individuality.
In ancient traditions since 14 decades it has been believed it is still believed by the majority, when a man marries a woman it means he is marrying a community or even nations; as a marriage brings two communities or tribes closer; but gone are the times when marriages happened in two meetings and it lasted forever and now are the times when even after dating for 4 years, marriages end in 6 months.
Feminity in the west means woman’s struggle for their rights, justice and equality in Male dominated world.It is an opaque perception as they are two very different sides of one coin, feminism and woman rights practically does not apply in Africa as Africa extraction is from its very deep rooted ancient traditions and its foundation is based on community and not individuality. Perhaps, with the world advancing and reinforcing its rules; and with Africa developing and women advancing (such as in studies, employments) things are revolutionizing.
Many women...

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