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African Union Essay

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The AU consists of many departments one or which is human resources, science, and technology. The commissioner of human resources, science and technology is Dr. Martial De-Paul Ikounga (Biography of the Commissioner | African Union). Dr. Martial De-Paul Ikounga is a member of the Congolese National Assembly and the chairman of the Education, Culture, Science and Technology Commission (Global Preparatory Meeting ). He has also served in many positions in the government, such as Secretary of State and Minister of Science and Technology, Minister to the Office of the President, Minister of Education, Minister of High and Technical Education, Minister for Reconstruction and National Heritage ...view middle of the document...

"Its goal of integration has fostered one identity and has enhanced the political, economic, and social climate of the continent, thereby giving hundreds of millions of people a healthier and more successful future." (African Union - The African Union Organization). The department of human resources, science and technology strengthens education partnerships, developed and manages human resources, promotes innovation in Africa, and does much more help the AU archive its goal (African Innovation Summit focus on the African Strategy on Science, Technology and Innovation | African Union). "It aims at increasing the level of Africa’s scientific and technical capacity as well as the human skills through training. It also aims at encouraging collaborative innovation and entrepreneurship, dissemination of the scientific culture with the view of building intellectual production." (African Innovation Summit focus on the African Strategy on Science, Technology and Innovation | African Union). The human resources, science and technology department is a big part of the African Union.
This department aims to help the African Union become a better respected and very useful union. The department of human resources, science and technology is focused on encouraging education and innovation. The purpose of the human resources, science and technology department is to help Africa become a highly educated country with a better economy. Africa is not the most fortunate, but with the help of the AU and the department of human resources, science, and technology it can become a more efficient continent. These are just some of the examples of what the department of human resources,...

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