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Aft Assignment One

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The first contact between indigenous Native Americans and the first Europeans is a very daring tale of death, disease, destruction and the changing of both the American and European ecosystems. Hernando de Soto trekked through Southern America bringing disease over, killing innocent men, woman and children. De Soto changed the landscape as well bringing over hogs, dogs, horses and native European plant life and seeds. Also we have to explain why the Spanish and English accounts were unrecorded for decades.
Hernando de Soto and his trek.
Hernando de Soto left in May 1539 with around 600 followers to Florida also called in that time La Florida. The main goal of this expedition was for "gold, treasure, fame, and power" after much wandering around his men would lose their original clothing they went from leather and armor to native loose coats and cassocks. In the end of De Soto day's he called upon the chiefdom Quigialtam to visit him but he wouldn't, De Soto was so enraged he ordered his men to attack a village nearby "The Spanish rode down on the settlement, slaying men, woman, and children without mercy." The next day De Soto died and left command to Luis de Moscoso leaving him "four Indian slaves, three horses, and 700 hogs." Now that we got his quick personal life out of the way let's get into the first contact.
Hernando de Soto went to every village he could find on horseback with lances drawn killing everyone in their path "steel-tipped lances about 15 feet long, Indians on foot could not outrun these lancers." De Soto would always demand for the chief of the village always killing anyone who opposed and when he got what he wanted and never returned the chief almost all the time he executed him. It didn't matter what he wanted but the goal was food, gold, woman for his men at Chiaha De Soto "demanded 30 Indian slaves for some of his men." De Soto also brought dogs wielding spike collars so they couldn't get choked. The dog's keen hearing and smelling made it almost impossible for an ambush and there were used to hunt down wounded Indian warriors. A lot of times when De Soto used Indian guides to get him through the swamps if he smelt any deception he would "struck back ruthlessly, chopping off a guide's hand or nose or, worse, throwing him to the dogs." De Soto wasn't always lucky in Mabila he was set up all the houses in the town had Indian warriors, he was surrounded....

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