After A Time Stair Way To Heaven

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Thesis: Catherine Davis’ “After a Time” and Robert Plant’s “Stairway to Heaven” performed by Led Zepplin both focus on death and rebirth, the fact that no matter what we possess, we can’t change this.
First supporting point: “After A Time” establishes a deliberate dark, dismal tone, leading us to see that eventually the healing will begin. In Davis’s poem first

After a time, all losses are the same.
One more thing lost is one thing less to lose;
And we go stripped at last the way we came. (First stanza)

Second supporting point: Davis uses figurative language to show the inevitability of death.

The sense of treachery—the want, the blame—
Goes in the end, whether or ...view middle of the document...

Although possessions and wealth are important, in the end it doesn’t matter because a Stairway to Heaven can not be bought in a hardware store so inevitably we leave (die) the same way we came in (birth) naked and without.

Conclusion: (Remind your reader what point you are making about the two works and how they are similar as well as how they vary. Let your reader know what both pieces can teach us about life and death.)

The value of Time, is endless, it cannot be measured....

Davis' poem speaks from the losing end, with a tumbling self-serving spin and theory to sheer wind while noting, quite beautifully, that while winning is at the end of the day short-lived, so too is losing and with it the inspiring power of defeat. I can only interrupt how the song and poem encourages us, as long as we take a breath, to enjoy all life’s material objects, power and wealth that we attained now, since in Heaven they are useless. positive outlook on life to it as a (“game”) even though a “losing” one at that. She uses “wit” and “luck” for our individual achievement of gains during life which include wealth, power, and prestige. Can we hold such things after death? How is having a sharp intelligence help you to achieve these gains...

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