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After Coming Of Age Essay

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The college experience is a unique one. Contrary to high school, I wasn’t surrounded by a countless amount of friends and because of that I had to learn how to be alone sometimes and develop introversive qualities. Somehow, I knew my year at El Camino would be either something to talk about in my later years, or just another time frame lost in the bowels of my mind along with other “lifeless” events, and I knew it all depended on how approached my relationships. Despite being enrolled here for only 3 weeks, I saw college as the one of the bridges between a child and a productive member of society. As we grew further away from our juvenile events, I’ve noticed the significance of events in our lives shifted; therefore after high school, most experiences we encountered became more meaningful.
Knowing that the gap between high school and college would be a rather wide one, I couldn’t help but to feel as if everything was going to look bleak as I knew I wasn’t going to be in a classroom full of friends with inconsiderate laughter and endless conversations about shallow topics. I knew my soon-to-be-new college professors would expect us to act as the adults we’re supposed to be regardless of how uncivil we might have been during high school. Instilled in my mind, I remembered the emotions I felt on the day I started college. Waking up that morning of school, I didn’t feel the significance of any grand start yet I felt anxious as ever. Knowing this was the start of a whole new atmosphere differing from my first days in kindergarten all the way to my farewell to high school, those feelings were but a fraction of the emotional turmoil I felt. After a series of mundane events that consisted of preparing for school, I found myself in the car with my step-dad. We usually talk in the car if my mom doesn’t drive me, but this day the radio was the only form of sound in the car (although I was so engaged within my thoughts, it only became a mere noise in background.) Though the drive to El Camino was roughly only 15 minutes, it felt like the further we travelled, the longer it would take to reach our destination.
As we travelled down Manhattan Beach Blvd, it was becoming evident that we were getting closer; as I glanced out the window, I began to see students around my age (as well as adults) with backpacks on in large groups, apparently heading to campus just as I was. While glancing vaguely at the groups of students, I started to ponder whether my new schoolmates were feeling the same anxious emotions I had, or if they even had the same pessimistic thoughts as the ones I owned, or if they just simply saw this as just another day of school as they walked seemingly unaffected. As I stepped out of the car, nothing out of the ordinary unlike what I’d expected out of the rest of the day. Completely out of the car now, I noticed the sky was painted a dull white as the morning time clouds were well passed settled in. I could compare the weather to an Alabama...

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