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After Dark Essay

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After Dark……… -A Story by Sidhra Abdul Cader
I had just finished my night shift at work and it was late. I was finding a way to get home. Buses and taxies don't travel on the streets at this late hour. My house was about
six blocks away. It would be a long walk, but I had no other choice. I had to get home fast since my grandmother was alone at home, and she panics when I get late to come home.
I was walking when I received a call. It was my grandmother. I knew it, she was getting worried. 'Yeah gran, I'm on my way. Just a few blocks more and I'll be home soon okay.' I lied, just to calm her down. I knew I wasn't close, since six blocks is quite a long way. Gran cares a lot about me, since I'm only eighteen. She was, after all, the only person to look after me since I was left an orphan at the age of seven. I had just put my phone in my pocket when I saw a man suspiciously looking at me from across the street. I ignored him and continued to walk since I had to get home fast. After I had walked about two blocks I recognized the same man from across the street among three others walking right behind me. They looked like gangsters. This began to scare me. Why were these men following me? I questioned myself. I started walking faster than I had, and they still kept following me. I didn't want to lead them to where I lived because I feared they might hurt Gran, so I stopped. Now I was surrounded by them. One of them had a gun and the rest had knives. I was there; surrounded by four gangsters, in shock and with no weapon to protect myself, because I was no good a fighter. They started circling around me exchanging gestures. With nothing to do I asked them, 'What do you want from me?' 'Show us everything you have.' one of them told me. For my luck, I had forgotten to bring my wallet and I only had two dollars with me. The only valuable thing I had at the time was my cell phone. I didn't want to try anything with them since they...

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