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Children go to school to learn basic skills in reading and writing. It is also a place where children learn how to be independent from their parents and how to interact with other people. Parents have a hard decision deciding where to send their children, and picking between private and public schools seems to be the hardest choice out of it all. Both private and public schools appear very different in their own ways and need to be taken into deep consideration when choosing the right school to send their child. Private schools would prepare a student better for college, but public schools would better prepare a student for the real world after high school because private school teachers have greater discipline towards the children and work more one-on-one with the students, public schools generally offer more types of extraordinary classes and are usually more diverse.
Private schools differ from public schools in many ways, even from the very start of schools. Private schools first appeared in the New Netherland in 1660. By the beginning of the 18th century, private schools were found in most cities and towns in America and schoolteachers organized them. ("Private" 140) Back then, it seemed easier to decide which school to go to because there were less choices to choose from. At the beginning, private schools provided the basics of educating including: reading, writing, and arithmetic. In the middle of the 18th century, the curricula changed and placed emphasis on courses geared toward commerce and business. ("Private" 140) Private schools seemed to pull ahead of public schools when they started to place emphasis on courses geared toward business and commerce. "In responding with the particular needs of local communities, private schools provided the public with the practical education or skills that primary and secondary schools did not. They were more ephemeral in nature than formally established schools." ("Private" 141) This is another way that the private schools started to look more superior to public schools by responding to the needs of the local community and taking their opinions into consideration as well.
Public schools have also been around for a very long time, just as private schools have. The Puritans were the first to point out the need for public education of some sort in America. They established schools to reinforce their core values, and not just the essentials of reading, writing, and math. ("GreatSchools") Both private and public schools began to emphasize more on subjects besides the essentials and made it an even harder choice for parents to decide between one or the other. A public school is an educational institution run and funded by the government through taxes. Public schools result from the thought that the government has at least some responsibility for its citizens' education. ("GreatSchools") Schoolteachers did not organize public schools, like the private schools were, but gets funded and run by the...

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