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The purpose of school-age child care is to provide balanced activities which challenge and enrich a child's life. The program will be planned to complement the job of the home and the school, thereby serving as another vital family resource in our community of the quality child care services that all children deserve. In today's society after-school programs are needed to reduce teenage pregnancy and juvenile crime.After school programs provide adult supervision that is needed to keep our children out of trouble. As stated by Ellen Goodman in the Herald Dispatch, "Most teenage pregnancies and juvenile crimes occur between the hours of three and six o'clock in the evening ." It seems that both would decrease if more children attended the after-school programs. Many families work or have something important to do after school, causing the child to go home alone. This "free time" that the children are having after is being used to do things that their parents normally do not let them do. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, providing an after-school program will engage the children with what we know they lack and need the most, that is adult supervision. If children are placed in a type of after-school program then they would receive the adult supervision and support needed to help them in life. In programs I have witnessed locally, I have seen a mutual respect, trust, and honesty which allow the parents and children to feel good about coming to after school care. Some parents worry about sending their children to daycare or after- school programs, but knowing that they are being supervised can put their mind at ease.Most after-school programs are safe. According to the National Association of Elementary School Principles, while school run programs may meet or exceed licensing standards for programs run by others. April Smith, a teacher at Central City After-School Connection, informed me that the Department of Health and Human Resources come in unannounced throughout the year to make sure that the center is being run up to code. She says, "he/she checks for anything in the room that may cause an accident, makes sure that all hazardous chemicals are locked up, and rooms are kept clean." She also discussed how the staff is required to have certification of CPR and First Aid. At River Valley Child Development the staff must be certified in these areas within the first thirty days from the first date hired. April also informed me that first aid kits and emergency numbers are easy access at the center. She says, "having a first aid kit on site helps in everyday problems and that occur like fever, scratches from falling, bumps or bruises." The first aid kits also help in some major accidents. "Although we would like to believe that no major accidents occur at after-school care, sometimes they are unavoidable," says April. At most centers children are coached in what to do in an emergency. Not only does coaching them in these types of situations help make...

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