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Everyone wants to succeed in life. The real question is what is driving them? Is one driven to succeed because someone tells them or does their passion come from within? What happens when their path of success is not the same as the person driving them to succeed? We live in a world where success is define as money, having a big house, a good job, and a lavish lifestyle. Parents and elders in today’s society plays a major role in their children’s career choices, because they expect their children to be more successful than themselves.
It becomes very dangerous when parents' unrealistic expectations create pressure and foster performance anxiety in their children. By pressuring their children to achieve at unrealistically high levels some of these parents are left disappointed and are left with the lingering question where did I go wrong. John Shipley a character from The Stone Angel, his role was very short but very powerful. John and his Mother Hagar Shipley went through this same problem. Although Hagar believes John is the spitting image of his grandfather Jason Currie, he was really more his father, Bram Shipley. He drinks a lot, does not seem care much about changing or improving his status in life. However, the way he dresses, talks, and finds it difficult to express emotion are all traits his mother. Hagar is so blinded to the truth that she cannot see John for who he really is despite John’s attempts to show her the truth about himself. Hagar expectation of John was by far way too much, Hagar expected John to be just like her father to be as successful. Hagar looked at john for redemption, she saw him as the one that would take her back to the lifestyle she was once so fond and accustom to. Her expectation of what she wanted her son to be blind her from actually seeing her son for who he really was. (Laurence 202) “I always thought john took after the Curries, I hadn’t any doubt about it, until he came back here and started living like a hobo.” Here you can see clearly that Hagar is frustrated at the fact that john did not turn out to be what she wanted him to be.
If Hagar would have not put so much pressure on John to be like the Curries, could John have lived a successful life in his own way? That we would never know but let look at it from an analytical point of view. If it wasn’t for Hagar obsession for John to be like the Curries then she would not have cared about who he is dating. If she didn’t care about who John was dating then she would have never went to see Arlene’s mother Lottie, and in turn they would have never been able to conspire to send Arlene away. Because of the conspiracy to keep John and Arlene apart concocted by their parents, which were driving by desire for their children to succeed, John and Arlene ended up dead. Their parents may not have been the direct cause of their death but played a major role in it. I had ask the question, what happens when their path of success is not the same as the person driving...

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