Effect Of Video Games On Heartbeat Of Player

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The heart beats up to 200 times ever minute (American Heart Association, 3/22/13). On every beat the heart pumps blood, which carries oxygen, around the body to keep it alive. There about 5.6 liters of blood in a human body (Nova, 1997). A heart must keep all of this liquid in motion so the blood can supply oxygen to all the cells in the body. Death ultimately comes from the brain not betting enough oxygen and shutting down, which is caused by the heart being to weak (Wise geek, 2013). Normally the heart beats at a steady rate to move necessary oxygen around the body. There are many reasons a heartbeat will quicken; some can overload a body and cause injury. Two of the main reasons are surprises and intense, or dangerous situations. When surprised or shock, nerves instantly start to send messages to the brain on what. The body first releases adrenalin to give extra energy if needed. Once released the heart pumps rapidly to spread it throughout the body to prepare for fight-or-flight. Fight-or-flight is when the body decides to run or stay after, or during, an intense event. In a fight-or-flight situation the body gets tense, pupils dilate, blood pressure increases, and the body becomes alert (Science Group, 2011). In an intense situation, such as a battle, the body uses much of its energy to keep alert and focused. These things can often keep a person alive when in a tough place. When in a stressful or dangerous event the Hypothalamus, section of the brain, takes control and tells the nervous system what to do (Harvard Health Publications, March 2011). To keep focused and alert the heart must beat faster and make body stay active and ready. This rapid pumping of the heart usually causes people to sweat and tire due to stress that is on the body. The heart is the second most important organ, and keeps the most important one, the brain, active (Vidhi Sharma, May 30 2013). The heart controls blood flow and carries oxygen and other materials through the body. The heartbeat can change at any time to react to the situation and hand. Video games are a great way to simulate intense or stressful situations.


The object of the test is to find out certain age groups react to different genres of video games. The test will study three age groups: high school age, older than high school, and younger than high school. Each subject will play a series of various video games, during the games their heartbeat will be recorded. The test will see which age group has the fastest heartbeat when in an intense or scary situation. The test is designed to find differences in heartbeat depending, during video games, on varying age groups.


The adults will have a faster heart rate than the high school students and children. The horror games will create scary situations that will make the heartbeat faster compared to the action, and neutral, games. The action game will make subjects have the second fastest...

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