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Effect Of Television Viewing On Child Development

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Nowadays, television has been played a major role in most family households.
Although television was invented over half a century ago, it has now become a part
of most children’s everyday lives. Children have begun to turn to television for their
main source of entertainment .Television has its own good sides but research shows
that the disadvantages of television watching for children outweigh the advantages.
This is because it will affect children’s health, children’s educational development,
children’s cognitive skill and also children’s behaviour.
There are many negative health impacts of television watching for children.
First of all, children who love to watch television will affect their own health. To begin
with, they spend long hours watching television which has a very high probability of
damaging children’s eyesight. According to specialists, children who sit too close to
the television or children who watch television in a dark room will easily damage their
eyes (Schramm, Lyle and Parker, 1961). In addition to this, children who watch lots
of television can become obese and overweight. As Boyse (2009) discovered, the
majority of television advertising promotes unhealthy foods to children and this can
cause weight issues. Most television advertising promotes foods that are high in
calories, sugars and salt. They are also low in nutrients. Moreover, use of television
might have an impact on the amount and quality of sleep that children receive. The
studies found that children who have a television in their bedroom will get less sleep
and go to bed later compared with those who doesn’t have bedroom television (Must
and Parisi, 2009) . This may cause weight gain in children and may be more tired all
the day. So, children’s physical health may be seriously lead to medical problem in
their present and future health and quality of life.
There are several others negative impact of children watching television.
Firstly, television program such as media violence can contribute to aggressive
behavior in children. For instance, watching violence on television can cause
children to be more aware of violence in the world around them. It is likely to cause
an increase in a child’s use of violence, particularly when having disagreements with
others (Brown,R.,1976). As a result, children become familiar with violence and are
more likely to use violence in school or at home, which might lead them to crime. In
addition, watching television affects school performance and children’s educational
development. Gunter & McAleer (1997) found that children are more likely to watch
television instead of reading a book because it looks more entertaining. If more time
is spent by children watching television, it can lead to children’s writing and reading
skills become worse and worse, and this result in poor school performance.
Besides, television advertising easily influences children to...

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