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Effects Of Conflict On Family: Analysis

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Have you ever witnessed you parents fighting? Even to the point of separation? If so, maybe it has possibly affected you, or it is effecting you right now.
“Children are affected by marital conflict through both direct and indirect pathways. In terms of children’s psychological functioning, exposure to repeated instances of destructive marital conflict has been linked with internalizing problems such as depression and low self-esteem, externalizing problems such as delinquency and aggression, and declines in academic performance, social and interpersonal adjustment, and general mental health” (Faircloth 2).
I remember that it hurt. It hurt so much that I didn’t even realize it till it started taking over my life. At the age of 13, I started to witness my parents argue everyday. I was going through some changes in my life that every teenager goes through, I was growing up. I started to analyze the world around me in a different way. I was taking in information and experiences that would shape me into the person that I am today. For so many years I ignored what was going on at home. I didn’t realize the constant conflict was damaging me. My mom knew that he was being unfaithful. I chose to ignore the situations at home and just focus on school. A couple of years passed and suddenly my dad was gone. He explained nothing to no one and all he did was deny everything. The man everyone respected was unfaithful. I never cried, I never argued that they should be together. Little did I know; I was fooling myself. My experience with my parents separating and seeing how it affected my family changed me. I was secretly miserable. I completely gave up on myself for two whole years. I stopped trying in School and I stopped attending school. I hated when someone would ask me if I was ok because I knew I wasn’t, but I tried making myself believe that I was. I then started to feel anger, and I was afraid to lash out on anyone, so I became anti social. Also, I had low self-esteem, I felt worthless and saw no point in anything or anyone. It got to the point where I was depressed and didn’t even know it. Eventually, we found out that my dad had gotten married to a woman over 20 years younger than him. I was full of hate towards my dad and his new wife. We all just wanted answers to why he did what he did. Never having closure also really damaged my family. Couples need to be more aware of the conflicts that they have between one another, because it is possible that these conflicts can escalate, thus can cause serious effects. In addition, these conflicts also affect their children negatively, but if the conflict is resolved there is a chance of a positive outcome.
Many of us have experienced our parents argue over everyday issues; these are some of the common conflicts. First, one can be money; we all have overheard our parents argue over financial issues. (Add example)
Second, another issue can be different parenting ideas. For example, the father does not...

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