Effects Of Dropping Out Of High School

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There are many effects on society as a whole due to students that drop out of high school. The effects on the student who drops out are just as great as they are on society. “Of the 4 million students who enter high school every year, one million of them will drop out before graduation” (Whitaker, 2012). When an individual makes the conscious decision to drop out of high school, many times the decision is made without regard to the consequences that can ensue. There are many effects of the decision on the individual, their families, and society as a whole. The leading reasons for dropping out of high school surround academic difficulty and failure, poor attendance, being held back, disengagement from school, and other life factors (Convisor, n.d.). This is an indication that most of these teens do not think about (or sometimes even care about) how decisions made today will effect tomorrow. This paper is to inform the reader of the effects of students dropping out of high school. Included will be effects on the individuals, their families, and society.
Students who drop out are likely to be employed at a lower income job than students who earn their high school diploma (Campbell). With advances in technology, there is more of a demand for a highly-skilled labor force; which requires a minimum of a high school education for entry-level jobs (Dosomething.org). Sometimes, this lack of income steers the individuals to a life of crime as statistics show that “young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who dropped out of high school were found 63 times more likely to find themselves incarcerated than those who graduated” (Nix, n.d.). Most low income jobs do not offer health benefits or retirement benefits to their employees (Campbell). It is hard to support a family on minimum wage. Since this is most likely the pay they earn, these dropouts seek government assistance. This could include the need for food stamps, welfare, and or housing assistance (Nix and Media, n.d.).
Dropping out of high school can also impact the family of the individual. An increased reliance on government assistance, is in part due to female dropouts that have children at younger ages. They are also are more likely to be single parents than high school graduates. Statistics show that marriage rates and home ownership is lower than that of high school graduates (Kokemuller and Media, n.d.). Some other effects of dropping out of high school on families are due to the individuals having low-wage jobs. They are typically the ones that work the non-standards and inflexible hours (Sikan, 2013). They may even work more than one job to make ends meet and are not there to spend time with and nurture their families. Unfortunately, their children are at a higher risk for dropping out of high school as well (Schargel, 2013).
“Dropouts cost taxpayers more than $8...

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