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Effects Of Illegal Immigrants From Mexico On America

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Today, there are about 11.7 million immigrants living in the US illegally, and that number has been at a steady incline over the years. As a desperate escape from their harsh realities at home, many go the illegal route due to our lengthy and expensive citizenship process. Illegal immigrants come to America for numerous reasons, and impact Americans in many ways; it is time that a solution is made to resolve this issue.

Immigrants come from all around the world to escape problems in their home countries and to take advantage of the many opportunities America has to offer them. Right now, there are a lot of people traveling illegally across the border to get away from the violent drug wars in Mexico. Mexicans also come to take the many farming job opportunities available in the southern states. “Many in agriculture favor a guest worker program that allows farmers to hire migrant workers with minimal red tape.” (Semuels) They are known as migration workers and work the hard, strenuous jobs that American citizens aren’t interested in doing. This is a positive impact of the migrators. They help the Economy by working the farms and help us get food. “The fact is our immigration policy as a whole is undermining our economy.” Right now, the immigration process takes a very long time and a lot of work. Farmers think that if they made a residency policy for migrating workers, it would help out tremendously. “Labor wants both undocumented immigrants and legal guest workers to eventually have a path to citizenship” but not immediately, “if migrant worker become US citizens right away, they’ll leave the low-paying grueling jobs at farms and restaurants.” Under some circumstances, a drawn out policy would be fine, but these people are trying to get them and their families out of extremely dangerous living situations. They don’t have time to wait and do everything. Another problem aside from time, is the cost. Visas are now $131 (US dollars) and full citizenship can be up to $680. If the price was lowered, it would be more accessible and more people could do it. Our 11 million people living illegally today, could become legal. Even with a price decline, it would boost the economy a lot. These people could start to pay taxes, and they could even start to benefit from everything that America has to offer them.

Just like anything, there are good and bad immigrants. “There are going to be, you know hard-working guys like this who are entrepreneurs. There are going to be criminals. There are going to be most people who are sort of, you know, a little bit good and a little bit bad.” (Krikorian). People hear stories about illegal immigrants coming here and participating in illegal drug activity and other malicious things, and put every illegal in the same category. This is a mistake on American’s part. Every year, thousands of Mexican families migrate to the south and do the “dirty” and intense farming jobs. Without the migrants, farmers would have to pay...

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