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Effects Of Radiation Exposure Essay

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Environments are greatly affected by nuclear disaster, especially the animals in those environments. Everything changes and goes wrong in the environment, and it takes awhile for the environment to go back to normal. I’m Billy the bear and I experienced the aftermath of a nuclear disaster first-hand. One day, right before hibernating season, I was walking around the forest gathering some last-minute food to pack in my cave, when I heard the loud noises. All of the birds stopped singing and flew away and the tiny squirrels scurried up the trees, chattering obnoxiously. The sky seemed to turn dark, and the loud noises deafened my ears. I whirled around, terrified, I’m a pretty big guy, hello I’m a bear, but these noises sounded larger than even I am. I could hear human men yelling, growing closer. I bounded off toward my cave, forgetting about the last-minute food run. Sprinting as fast as I could, I leaped into my cave and pushed boulders against the entrance. Completely blocked in, I laid down, ready to hibernate regardless of the unexpected excitement of the day. As I slipped into my deep, 8 month-long slumber, I hardly heard the booms of bombs dropping.
8 Months Later…
Arising, I stretched and felt by bones creak and pop, my muscles protesting. Yawning largely, I pushed the boulders out of the way and squinted my eyes against the harsh sunlight streaming into the cave. Stepping out of the cave I stumbled back in horror and shock, everything I had ever known was gone; the trees were white and barren of all of their leaves. The ground was void of all grass, nothing green was anywhere in sight. I cantered off towards the river, hoping that it wasn’t gone too. Luckily, it wasn’t, however, the river had odd green slime coating it, but other than that it looked fairly normal. A few birds scattered off once I headed back into the woods. Ash covered the ground and every single surface. A sign nearby said: “WARNING! Nuclear Radiation Area, KEEP OUT!”
I sighed, what have these humans done to my home? I went searching for my friends, to no avail. There seemed to be no one else left in the forest. Just as I was thinking about leaving my home to find a new forest, my stomach made an enormous rumbling noise. To quell my need for food, I sauntered down to the river to catch some salmon, they should all be swimming back downriver for spring-time. Standing on my rock, I peered into the water, appalled by the sight in front of me. 5 salmon were floating at the surface of the green-tinged water, one had one eye, two of them with bulging eyes, another with one fin, and the last one was absolutely horrid, with three eyes and glowing a green-yellow color. I shuddered, but decided to try to catch a fresh fish anyway. Batting my paw along the surface of the water, I waited for a fish to swim by.
A flash of silver caught my eye as I proceeded to dip my head in the water to grab the fish. Biting a cold, hard metal, I yanked my head out of the water quickly,...

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