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Thanaphon SongsawatwongScott GuenthnerEnglish 102130 April 2014Effects of Social MediaStop for a second and think about what you are setting yourself up for by using social media. Social media can be a helpful tool when used carefully, like how President Obama used Facebook to win the presidential election of 2008. It can also be a dangerous tool when using it without care like Ginger D'Amico, a Spanish teacher. She was careless when using social media, as a result, she was suspended 30 days from work without pay. Using social media is like walking on a thin sheet of ice. We need to be careful or the ice will break and we will fall in, and may end up crippling ourselves. Social media is a powerful, yet equally destructive tool; therefore, it should be used with caution.The social media is a very powerful tool when used carefully. According to U.S. News, President Obama's use of the web brought up a new playing field not only in America, but everywhere. His use of the web changed the traditional way of campaigning to a new social networking campaigning. As a result, he was able to surprise his competitors by using Facebook to spread out his presidential campaign to a wider range of audience than ever before. By using Facebook he was able to get the attention of younger audience, which won him the presidential election of 2008. When used vigilantly, social media can be a very helpful tool, as demonstrated by Barack Obama. President Obama's use of Facebook to attract a wide range of audience and potential voters shows how powerful of a tool social media is.As powerful as social media is, it is also a very destructive tool. Social media has the power to possibly ruin our dreams; therefore, we need to be cautious of what we do online. A simple quote from Barack Obama, the President of the United States, "be careful what you post on Facebook" (qtd. in Ellis). He is warning us of how dangerous social media is. President Obama clearly had a lot of experiences with social media. As the president, he has to be cautious of what he says or does on a daily basis, otherwise he may lose all his credibility from one mistake. Posting recklessly online may not have the same result in the long run. We have to be careful of any information we post online. Posting something like a video of us running around naked or pulling people shorts down in public may be funny now, but it may have a negative impact on us later on. For example, when we apply for a professional job: every employer does a background check on potential employees. What if they accidently stumble upon the video? The video will not only make us looks immature and irresponsible, it will also affect our chances of receiving a job offer. There is a lot to think about when using social media.A lot of young adults may argue that they know how to keep themselves safe from social media. They think they are invincible, that nothing in this world can possibly hurt them. "I know how to keep myself safe" or "I...

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