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Afterlife And Salvation Essay

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Thus, the logic by which the Qur’an adheres to seems to be based on the necessity of an afterlife and God’s omnipotence. More importantly, faith in an afterlife is one of the six fundamental beliefs required of Muslims, thus accepting or rejecting this belief in life after death, according to Qur’an, is a crucial factor in determining the course of an individual’s life, this belief will also arguably provide an incentive to endure the trials of life and for acting responsibly in this life.
The Quran emphatically states that the Day of Judgment will come and that God will decide the fate of each soul according to his or her record of deeds (Q34:3-5), however until the Day of Judgement arrives, the deceased body stays in its graves for the resurrection, a period which the Qur’an entitles as bazarkh: “before them is a bazarkh, until the day they are raised up” . This limbo type phase has been interpreted differently amongst traditions, some suggesting that a person’s deeds in their life will have an impact on their experience in barzakh. Nevertheless, the Qur’an doesn’t clarify exactly what constituent element of the body will be punished or rewarded in the grave, thus debates arise concerning whether it will be the soul or body alone or a combination of these. Al-Sayyid, a modernist Islamic thinker, interprets the Qur’anic view of this stage that “the barzakh concerns the ruh and not the badan”, thus there is no corporeal punishment, only the soul will be affected. However, Sayyid Qutb argues that the punishment or reward in the grave can be interpreted psychologically, as ‘the grave may best be understood as a psychological condition’ his reason being that ‘physical punishment is a clear impossibility after the death of the physical body’ . Therefore, defining and understanding the nature of barzakh is clearly a disputed issue, nevertheless, the Qur’an’s perspective simply put is that it is seen as a barrier of the dead from the living and that one’s deeds in one’s life will have an impact one’s experience in barzakh.
The resurrection that takes place on the Last Day a physical re-creation of the decayed body will take place by God: “Could they not see that God who created the heavens and the earth is able to create the like of them?” , from which the division between the eternal...

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