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Aftermaths Of 9/11 And Its Socioeconomic Effect

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The devastating inhumane action orchestrated by one of the most renowned terrorist group in the world or Al-Qaeda, changes United States of America forever. Although some conspiracy theorists, such as David Icke, speculates as if it was a deliberate action with the awareness of high ranking officials of U.S, but the debate is still on going. Even though many ideas have been rolling around on the mainstream media, newspaper, and magazine in the past 12 years, but I am not interested to propagate those thoughts. Like I mentioned above, the image of this country will not be the same. 9/11 brings enormous changes in The United States of America, politically, economically and socially.[1: David Icke, Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster (United Kingdom: Bridge of Love Publication UK, 2002), 317]The political changes instigated by creating new government agency such as Homeland Security, designing new Transportation Security Administration (TSA), to enacting 48 legislation laws were the major ones. The immediate action taken by congress month after the attack was passing Aviation and Transportation Act, which ultimately creates TSA. The role of this administration was entirely renovating the machineries design to detect any weapons and distractive items while scanning passengers and their luggage. Some additional procedures were also implemented after 9/11, including prohibiting liquids to be carried inside the cabin and removing shoes while scanning at the security gates. By the end of the day, U.S passengers paid a steep price for their safety. To support the costs of the new security administration, "Sept. 11 fee was tacked onto passengers' ticket", which ultimately led to the collection of $15 billion within nine years by TSA.[2: Jason Villemez, "9/11 to Now: Ways We Have Changed," PBS NEWSHOUR, September, 14, 2011 at 4:55 PM EST, accessed February, 5, 2014,]The action of 9/11, in many aspects was close to rewrite history. The United States of America constitution was ratified almost 200 years ago. It significantly protects citizen's privacy by law. But after 9/11, the credibility of the 4th amendment was in jeopardy. The work of two centuries, where our ancestors' blood shade for it, was crippled down due to the Patriotic Act implemented after 9/11. Citizen's privacy was torn apart, their personal emails, and phone conversation were confiscated by the same people who oaths to protect and defend the constitution.[3: "History of the United States Constitution," Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, last modified February 16, 2014, accessed February 18, 2014,]Health wise, the life of Americans' whom devoted their time and participated in rescue operation at ground zero never been the same. According to the research conducted by the American College of Chest Physicians, Dr. David Pezant, the...

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