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Against A War Against Iraq Essay

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Against a War Against Iraq

Nowadays, what I hear from the radio and television programs in the US is about a war against Iraq. A main topic of what American people talk about is how it is going to be. What I thought after talking to young people about it was that they really do not want this terrible fighting. Through my philosophy and anthropology teachers, I knew the background of this war. They said that the US gave weapons of mass distraction including nuclear weapons to Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War. Although the US and Iraq had had a good relationship, Iraq might give those weapons of mass distraction secretly to some terrorist groups, which possibly attacked the U.S. That was why the US requested Saddam Hussein who is the current president of Iraq to resign his possession. However, he did not quit so that the US and Iraq started this war. Through some Japanese Internet news programs and any other countries’ news on the Internet, I realized that this war is not only a matter between the US and Iraq because of possible damage by nuclear weapons and other possible damage, which many countries all over the world may have because of this war. Therefore this war should be finished as soon as possible.

First, this war badly affects Iraqi people’s states of mind because people are worried about the U.S attacking them. They are living in a state of fear thinking they could be dead tomorrow. Although they are Iraqi people who are said to be bad people by American people, they do not have any role in the politics of their country directly. They will be dead instead of their leader (“This is worse than war” 1). If a person were in fear and doubt all the time, the society will not work well after the war. This war will cause a serious damage to the Iraqi society. The purpose of the war is to get rid of weapons of mass distraction. It will be a violation of the human rights.

Second, there are environmental problems by mass distractions. Current weapons that both countries have are nuclear weapons. During World War II, the US experimented with nuclear weapons in Japan, and it showed people all over the world that it just brings sadness, which cannot disappear easily. If the US and Iraq used nuclear weapons, they would kill every species on the earth. This planet is not only for human beings. Moreover, some...

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