Against Homosexuality Essay

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Against Homosexuality

Several important principles which most people seem to be unaware of
(particularly those who teach in the schools of law and legislators of
societies) are: Man has not been given the authority and power to
define the nature of crime. That authority is rightfully reserved only
by God. Therefore the responsibility all mankind has is to embrace
laws in accord with the Laws of God. The reason God is the rightful
One to define the nature of crime is because He is the Creator of all
mankind. Therefore it is God who can best define what is evil for man.
It is the Almighty God, the One to whom all mankind is responsible
(Romans 3:19), who has defined homosexuality as a crime (Leviticus

Not only has God defined the true nature of crimes, but He has also
prescribed what the punishment for them should be. The natures of the
divinely prescribed punishments imply how heinous the crimes are.
Although a particular crime is a different kind and have different
characteristics to other crimes, yet it may be equal or greater in
heinousness. Thus God has not prescribed that homosexuals should
merely be spoken against, rejected, discriminated against, or banished
from the nations, but He requires that they be put to death by every
government under which they reside (Leviticus 20:13) and no sorrow
should be had for them.

Thus we see that God requires death for homosexuality just as he
requires death for murder. This tells us that homosexuality is at
least equal to the heinousness of murder. All homosexuals should be
regarded by every society to be just as much criminals as are
cold-blooded murderers.

Although homosexuality is at least as heinous as the crime of murder,
it can be and is often more heinous than murder. When a person commits
the crime of murder, he may not murder but one person and may never
commit the crime again. Or even if he murders 10 or a 100 people, at
some point his murders stop. But homosexuals often remain such their
entire lives and they may commit the act hundreds of time. They may
also spread the AIDs virus to many innocent people who may die from
the AIDs.

The great heinousness of homosexuality does not stop with the nasty
acts of gay or homosexual people, but also extends itself in many
other ways into the societies. Homosexuals often like to have some
kind of contact and influence on children. This is why they hang
around Boy's clubs, or become school teachers and why many of them in
America work at Walt Disney. Many of them are pedophiles and want to
recruit or teach children to accept homosexuality. And since
homosexuality is at least equal to murder, this is equivalent to
teaching children to become...

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