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General Purpose: PersuasiveSpecific Purpose: To persuade my audience not support the legalization of marijuana.Against Legalizing Marijuana(Problem-Solution Order)Good evening Fellow classmates. I want to share with you some astonishing information. Today, more than 6 million Americans are abusing prescription drugs - that is more than the number of Americans abusing cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens, and inhalants, combined. Think about that number - 6 million people is the equivalent of the combined populations of Chicago, Houston, and Philadelphia. This information was a part of speech delivered as recently as September 6, 2006.I pose this question to you now: what would the benefit be of legalizing marijuana when the current prescription drug abuse is already as great as it is?I want to talk to you about 3 popular myths, and explain why they are myths, and then offer you an opportunity to ask me questions at my conclusion.Main Points:Myth #1 (1): Marijuana is harmlessFact: Short-term effects cause memory loss, loss of coordination, distorted perception, difficulty with problem solving, increased heart rate, and anxiety;Fact: Marijuana contains 50 - 70% more carcinogens than does tobacco smoke;Fact: Marijuana is Classified as a Schedule I drug, which means it has a high potential for abuse with no currently accepted medical use in treatment of diseases;Fact: With kids being most vulnerable, usage can lead to significant health, safety, social, and learning or behavior problems; andFact: Smoking marijuana leads to changes in the brain similar to those caused by cocaine, heroin, and alcohol.Myth #2 (5): Marijuana is used to treat cancer and other diseasesFact: While it is true that THC, the primary active chemical in marijuana, has been proven to be useful for treating some medical problems, the smoking of marijuana has never been approved.FACT, the FDA has approved a synthetic THC, available as Marinol, since 1985;Fact: There are no FDA approved medications that are smoked; andFact: Neither the medical community nor the scientific community has found sufficient data to conclude that smoked marijuana is the best approach...

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1159 words - 5 pages psychological effects on people, provide medical benefits to people needing it, along with economical benefits it would provide there could also be a decrease in the incidence of crime. One debate against legalizing marijuana is its use will cause Americans to suffer from psychological and personality problems. According to Elizabeth Scheichert, who is the author of Marijuana

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888 words - 4 pages Should marijuana be sold at corner stores to anyone? Recently, some of Canada¡'s politicians have claimed to introduce the legislation of legalizing marijuana. According to the policy, the possession of marijuana will not be considered as a criminal sanction. Indeed, marijuana will become a legal substance. People who are over 16 can buy it over the counter just as alcohol or tobacco. Although legalizing marijuana may be beneficial to those

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1265 words - 5 pages . Legalization would make a significant chunk of that business vanish. As their immense shrank, the drug kingpins would be deprived of the almost unlimited money they now use to fund recruitment, arm purchases, and bribes"(Berlatsky 184). By legalizing it ti would help out Mexico with their battle against the drug cartels. And enormous amount of money would be lost by the cartels if marijuana was legalized. The United States is the number one country


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724 words - 3 pages against legalizing marijuana because they think that it will cause “emotionally crippled adults”, and they think that people can become addicted to it. Doctor Howard Samuels believes that marijuana is a psychoactive drug which will create problems for adults in the future. I disagree with this. It doesn’t do anything harmful to your brain, so I don’t see how it would cause problems for adults in the future that use marijuana. You can’t become

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1352 words - 6 pages Marijuana should be legalized and while many people still think of marijuana as a dangerous drug some states are starting to legalize it. This is the case for the states of Colorado and Washington. It is a drug that has been around for a very long time and many people, including several US presidents, have tried it at one point or another in their lives (Johnny Green, 2013). With all the different arguments for and against its legalization the

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2628 words - 11 pages other are against the use of marijuana. For example, nowadays most young people are in the favor of marijuana use for either the benefits or the fact that they have easy access of the drug. By a group of young people that are supportive with the legalization of an illegal drug, there a sign of support that U.S citizens are in favor of legalizing of marijuana. While the older generation, who are oppose with the use of marijuana, shows

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637 words - 3 pages condition. ( believe that legalizing marijuana would allow local law enforcements all across America and the judicial system to focus on more serious crimes such as sexual assault domestic violence child abuse , and school and work place shootings. In 1997, the Connecticut law review found states with stricter laws against marijuana experienced a larger increase with use. Jails are over burdened because 60,000 people are

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2598 words - 10 pages between patient and doctor only.C. Medical marijuana helps people who are allergic to other medications.It speeds up other drug processes that an individual might ingest.Marijuana could be their only option for treatment.D. Marijuana could provide an economic stimulus.The economic stimulus could help individuals in our current economic regression.It would benefit millions of people and possibly provide more labor.E. Legalizing medical marijuana could

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617 words - 3 pages Marijuana is a substance that is consumed by many individuals. It is described as dried leaves and flowers of hemp plant that are smoked as a drug. Many individuals use this drug for many purposes, some may uses may be for a good cause and some may be detrimental. I believe that Canada should not legalize marijuana keep the way how currently is. I have 3 points to explain why I am against on legalizing marijuana. By legalizing marijuana in

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