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he legalization of the marriage between same sex couples will permanently change the rite of marriage in our society. The legalization of homosexual marriage will quickly destroy the traditional family.Marriage is the institution that forms and upholds for society, the cultural and social values and symbol related to procreation. That is, it establishes the values that govern the transmission of human life to the next generation and the nurturing of that life in the basic societal unit, the family. Through marriage our society works out the relationship of two people who will together create and nurture a new generation.To change the definition of marriage to include same sex marriage couples would destroy its capacity to function in many ways. It could no longer represent procreative relationships of opposite sex marriages.Reproduction is the fundamental occurrence on which the future of life depends. It is the primary reason why marriage is so important to society. In same sex marriages procreation would be eliminated entirely.First, when the state sanctions homosexual relationships and gives them its blessing, the younger generation becomes confused about sexual identity and quickly loses its understanding of lifelong commitments, emotional bonding, sexual purity, the role of children in a family, and from spiritual prospective, the sanctity of marriage. Marriage is reduced to a partnership that provides attractive benefits and sexual convenience. Cohabitation and short term relationships are the inevitable result.Second, the introduction of legalized gay marriages will lead to polygamy and other alternatives to the one man, on woman unions. Why will gay marriage set the table for polygamy? Because there is no place to stop once the line has been crossed. Historically, the definition of marriage has rested on a foundation of tradition, legal precedent, theology, and the overwhelming support of the people. After the introduction of marriage between homosexuals it will be supported by nothing more substantiated than the opinion of a single judge or by a black-robed panel of justices (Marriage under Fire).After their decision, the family will consist of little more than someone's interpretation of rights. Given that unstable legal judgment, it is certain some self-possessed judge, somewhere, will soon rule that three men or three women can marry. How about group marriage or marriage between cousins, or marriage between parent and child? How about marriage between a man and his animal? Anything allegedly linked to civil rights will be doable. The legal underpinnings for marriage will have been destroyed. These other couples restricted from marrying are not equivalent to homosexual couples, but are necessary to illustrate that marriage is heavily regulated, and for good reason. When a state recognizes a marriage, it bestows upon the couple certain benefits which are costly to both the state and other individuals. Collecting a deceased spouse's...

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Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage Essay

1293 words - 5 pages opposite sex marriage therefore claims as such “do not appear credible” (2012, p.1.). Another argument against legalization of same-sex marriage concerns the threat against the religious right to discriminate (NeJaime, 2012). Some religious based organizations are heralding their right to religious freedom as a mechanism to obstruct same-sex marriage legalization. It is this writer’s opinion that their argument is not relative to federal or state

Same-Sex Marriage Essay

543 words - 2 pages . Therefore, having family is good for children who do not have parents because it is better than living without the family, so same sex marriage should be allowed in every country.In conclusion, allowing same-sex marriage should not be the issue anymore because it is about human rights. Although law against same-sex marriage can forbid the marriage, it cannot get rid of their loving feelings for a member of the same sex. People who do not understand homosexuality should allow homosexual loves.

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1246 words - 5 pages In the last couple of decades the idea of gay marriage has been a heavily debated topic in the world. On both sides there are people who fight for and fight against this right which is slowly being adopted in many places such as the US. Throughout time, the issue on same sex marriage has been disputed for various reasons. Devoe emphasizes this reasoning in an article entitled, “Same-Sex Marriage Isn’t About Freedom,” which states “Gay marriage

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1253 words - 6 pages particularly unfair form is sexual discrimination which a same sex couple is not able to be married like a heterosexual couple. Slowly, this form of discrimination is becoming illegal which has caused much dispute. Even though there is debate about it, same sex marriage should become legalized because it deserves the same rights as heterosexual marriages. The idea of same sex marriage began when a court case in the early 1970s in Wyoming was tried

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1456 words - 6 pages gender or sexual orientation is. Marriage is just one way for two people to show their love for another. Whether it is two men, two women, or a man and a woman, love is love. People against gay marriage do not have the right to deny people of showing their love for one another. Everyone deserves the same rights as Americans and also just as people. The United States of America promotes freedom, liberty, and justice for all people. Same-sex couples

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684 words - 3 pages countries when it comes to homosexuality. Because of this, many countries have the same, or at least, similar laws to other countries.In this paper I will take a stand against same sex marriage. I believe that permitting same sex unions sends the wrong message to our youth. However, I do believe that same sex couples should be entitled to the same benefits of traditional couples.LGBT rights in a country enable its citizens to receive equal treatment

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1117 words - 4 pages never-married or unmarried parent are not ?normal.? Opponents of gay marriages argue that same sex marriage is an untried social experiment. However, there are a number of countries that have permitted same sex-marriage including Denmark, Holland and Belgium. The Denmark clergy have noted beneficial effects from legalizing same sex marriages. Another argument against same sex-marriage is that marriage is a special ?right.? If we live in a country

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3364 words - 13 pages against. Taking away their right to marry increases the stressors they are exposed to. A study showed a 36.6% increase in mood disorders, a 248.2% increase in generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), and a 41.9% increase in alcohol disorders in states that ban same-sex marriage (Hatzenbuehler). Marriage provides physical and psychological benefits. Taking away their right to marry takes away a LGBT's support system. When people of all different

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1738 words - 7 pages “I'm not for gay marriage, but I'm not for discriminating against people” (Eskridge 1425). During the late twentieth century, activities involving homosexual relations increased. Lately, it is common to encounter a person who is attracted to a person of the same gender. The marriage between couples of the opposite sex became one of the most controversial conflicts that the United States, and the entire world, has to deal with. There are cases

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600 words - 2 pages Kendrick AndersonANTHRO 202Cultural Anthropology30-April-2013Same Sex MarriageMarriage is an institution between one man and one woman. Same-sex relations wouldpresent many changes in the meaning of marriage. Marriage is a historic, culturalinstitution, and same-sex will confuse society generation. The amendment protect marriagefrom over-ruling by either state legislatures or the courts orders. Same-sex marriage can affectchildren in a way of

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1371 words - 6 pages a vast array of family types, including same-sex partnerships, can contribute to stable and humane societies. (American Anthropological Association) In a study done by the Fine Brothers’ Kids React series, kids ranging from ages 5-13 were shown two different marriage proposals featuring same-sex couples. Some of the children who didn't know anything about same-sex marriage beforehand couldn't understand why people were so against it. One boy

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1059 words - 4 pages longer able to exercise their religion if its bias against same-sex couples. According to the article “The Top Ten Harms of Same-sex Marriage” by Peter Sprigg “religious freedom not only applies to formal houses of worship of worship, but at home, in their neighborhoods, and in the workplace”(2). With same-sex marriage being legalized there is no more religious freedom. Catholic schools that are completely against welcoming same-sex couples in

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1154 words - 5 pages Same sex marriage is against religious faith, and society?s norms, therefore, it shouldn?t be legalized. Marriage by definition is a union between man and women .It is a legal contract between man and women in order to make the relationship firm and lawful. The purpose of marriage is to support your partner emotionally and financially, and to reproduce and extend the family, so same sex marriage not only changes the definition of marriage, but

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1153 words - 5 pages meaning of the words "Mother" and "Father" would diminish. They would be left to be only words.How does same-sex marriage affect society? It affects people in so many ways. People begin to think, well if these rules are bent, and then more will be bent. If two men or two women can marry, why can't three or four marry? The rules all begin to be bent. Homosexuality goes against the norms; we have been socialized into believing that it's wrong

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1023 words - 5 pages impact on society right now to protest against same sex marriage. On The Other Hand same sex marriage should be legalized because it is uncivilized and unmerited. Our civil rights and The Constitution give us many liberties. One of over civil liberties is the pursuit of happiness, which homosexual people are not allowed to follow. Homosexual cannot be married to the person they loved, which violates their freedom and rights. Civil unions grant