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Against The Affordable Care Act Or Obama Care

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The Affordable Care Act better know has the Obama Care in my opinion is a slothful excuse for national health care .The initial motive of the bill is affordability and quality healthcare for private and public health insurance the 44 million uninsured.As well as to curb the growth in healthcare spending in the US.most citizens are unaware of the financial tolland future impact on the healthcare system.What really gets to me is how the bill is funded by making budget cuts to the medical system itself . The other half of the money for obama care comes from Taxpayers so increasing ...view middle of the document...

Who are the wealthy according to “those making above 400% of the federal poverty line may find themselves paying more “ . 400 percent is equal to one household $45,960 . Why would this concern me because where I currently live in the state of Maryland. “According to the 2010 census Maryland is the richest state in the United States of America, with a median household income of $69,272” . I've personally don't want to pay higher taxes,just for someone to have a better health insurance . I wouldn't mind paying more taxes ,if it means getting a bigger tax write off for doing so .

Another dilemma that I have with Obamacare working in the healthcare system with this bill.Why would It be according to the book Obamacare Survival Guide it is said that . “millions of More Doctor visits will occur in the United States each year due to more people having health insurance “ . Why would this be a dreadful situation this means that doctors will have a overflow of patients .Today we barely get 15 minutes with your doctor. That time will get cut drastically due to overflow of patients . This is also a dilemma for doctors a overflow of patients makes it easier for human error to occur.They can misdiagnosis you by accident .

The Affordable Care Act has a fine for individuals and employers who do not wish to have insurance ,these are mandates. The deadline for you or for your employer give you insurance is March 31st, 2014.If your employer is exempt from giving you insurance ,and you do not get insurance...

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