Agatha Christie's Writing Style And Use Of Deception

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Agatha Christie, one of the most highly rated authors of the twentieth century; her sales competed with the Bible and the works of William Shakespeare. Known for her persuasion and deception, Christie utilizes trickery to deceive and manipulate her characters. Despite her cunningness, false clues, and lack of emotion, Agatha Christie uses the concept of deception and a unique writing style to intrigue her readers by luring on their mind. Agatha Christie’s mystery novel “And Then There Were None” takes place on the coastline of Devon, England and one by one each guest vanishes. As the remaining house guests search for clues and the mysterious villain, they are all caught in a web of trickery and deception.
Ten guests are invited by a mysterious man, to stay on the isolated Soldier Island. As soon as the chosen guests arrive, they introduce themselves and explain why they were invited. Ironically, all of the guests were invited to the island for different reasons, and realize they have been deceived into coming to an island. On the first night, the guests gather for dinner. During, this time a recorded voice plays accusing all the guests of past crimes and murders. After the record plays, they began to discuss the abrupt circumstances and at that moment the first victim is poisoned by potassium cyanide. Terrified by the troubling events, the frantic guests go to their rooms where the guests become filled with guilt about their past. The following morning the guests discover that the butler’s wife mysteriously died in her sleep. As some of the guests examine the butler’s wife, another victim was murdered by the shore. After hearing news of a third guest being murdered, the guests began to make outlandish assumptions on who is the mysterious villain. As the evening past, the butler was murdered while chopping wood to prepare breakfast.
Following breakfast, the fifth victim was killed by being injected with poison. During this time, Justice Wargrave, an intelligent retired judge, begins a search to look for clues and evidence to locate the killer. After Wargrave organizes the search, he is found dead with a bullet to his forehead. The remaining guests become very horrified. Two guests go missing, one is found dead by the ocean, and another is killed by a falling statue. Philip Lombard and Vera Claythorne are the last two guests on the island. Philip Lombard is a mysterious man who was a soldier in native Africa. Vera is a young and attractive woman. She believes Lombard is the killer and shoots him with a gun. After Vera kills Lombard, she returns to her room and finds a noose hanging from the ceiling. She gets a bizarre urge to hang herself due to her personal guilt. In the Epilogue, the mysterious murderer and the motive are revealed. Justice Wargrave wrote a letter explaining why he planned the murders; Wargrave explains that he gets an arousal from seeing the guilty being punished. He also adds how he faked his own death, and tricked and...

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