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Age Defines Nothing Essay

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Henry David Thoreau said in his argument that “age is no better, hardly so well qualified for an instructor”. Many argue the validity of taking advice from our elders, Thoreau believes that there is no sense in accepting the words of our seniors due to their lack of experience in todays day in age, as well as their familiarity with the social, technological, and moral norms of past years, but not of today. It can be countered that our elders could have experienced similar situations in the situations of love, loss, life, and death, and may even have relevant and helpful advice. It can be compromised that if people would willingly listen to the ideas of elders, it could be their decision on ...view middle of the document...

Dancing is a big controversial topic between generations. Morally, older people tend to lean toward the opinion that dancing that involves intimate touching as well as in some cases, touching in general is inappropriate for public, whereas today, most teens and younger generation citizens find it normal and common practically to dance in this manner. Morals are what drive people to succeed and they even set the basis rules for that person’s life, as society changes morals tend to follow and within 20 years both society and the morals of those who inhabit that society have changed.
Technology is another driving force for the argument that younger generations should not follow the advice of older generations. Continuing with the example of grandparents, elders tend to lack the ability and drive to accept and understand modern technology. With the access to practically infinite knowledge at the fingertips of a majority of the younger generations, seniors can not grasp the concept of not walking to the library and feeling the sensation of the paper under your fingers and spending time looking up every fact. Technology boggles older people for the simple fact that technology was made to simplify our lives, but in their opinion it complicates our lives. Technology, and social media discontinue older peoples opinions of communication. For example, if a child were to approach his grandfather with an issue of cyber bullying or even a simple technology problem, his grandfather’s advice would practically be void due to his lack of experience with the digital world. Technology has also allowed younger generations to excel academically, which nullifies senior’s abilities to aid younger...

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