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Age Of Darkness Essay

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A shrill sound pierced the air and a silver bullet slammed into Melchizedek's chest. He stumbled backwards, his back hitting the bark of the ancient oak tree.

"Don't do this, Leviathan," he pleaded. "Breaking the Order can cause destruction greater than you know."

Leviathan laughed darkly. "You expect me to fear destruction? I live in a world where destruction is everything!"

"The humans..." Melchizedek gasped for air. "They don't know it. God created them so they could live in peace. Where He is worshipped."

"God created them to live in peace? For Him to be worshipped? Oh, dear, Melchizedek, you're missing the whole point of this. Lucifer rebelled against God because he knew that mankind would outgrow him. And outgrow him, they have! God doesn't exist in their realm anymore! Their only god is money!" Leviathan roared, aiming his revolver at the other man's head.

"God forgives those who repent, even...demons..." Melchizedek said. "Repent and you will be forgiven. The Order won't be broken!"

"God? Forgive demons?" Leviathan cocked an eyebrow. "That's an interesting thing. Is that what you said to you fallen daughter?"

"She has not fallen," Melchizedek insisted. "She is just easily influenced. She will find her way back to the light. Your little deals won't affect her. She's stronger than that."

"My king, Lucifer, would love to see her try to resist us. Especially when we can offer her something you and your little wife can't." Leviathan smirked and fired the gun right into Melchizedek's skull. Thunder rumbled overhead and Leviathan glared at Melchizedek's dead body.

"Begone, you rotten angel." Leviathan turned around and left. Melchizedek's body dissolved into white feathers that soon sunk into the ground.

"The age of God is over," Leviathan said as he continued to walk through the dark forest. "The Rule of God and Light is over. The Age of Darkness is coming."

I jolted awake, completely unnerved by the realistic dream that I just went through. My mind went blank and I found myself hyperventilating. I threw the covers off me and paced the room, desperately trying to slow my breathing. It only sped up to the point where I found it hard to breathe. I searched through my drawers for my medication. When I finally found the bottle, I dumped its contents out only to find nothing but a couple of feathers. I dropped it and slammed my back against the wall, my vision tunnelling. I tried to stay conscious but it wasn't long before I succumbed to the darkness.

When I woke up, I was in a white room. My first thought was that I was dead until I realised that my mother, step-father and step-brother were all by my side. I blinked, trying to clear my vision as I slowly sat up. I took off the mask that I had on and put it aside as my brother - Ethan pulled me into a bone-crushing hug.

"God, Caitlyn, we thought you were dead!" Ethan exclaimed. I managed to free myself from his hug.

"How could you think I was dead when there's a...

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