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Age Of Love And Life. Some People Think Gets Away With The Passage Of Life, This Essay Explains The True Age Of Love By Showing And Example In Shape Of Story.

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AGE OF LOVE AND LIFEBy: Syed Raza FayyazIt was a cold, rainy night just like other nights of the spring. Every minute or two lightning was flashing with all its power. The Wind was blowing and it would destroy everything.Looking at the glowing fire in the fireplace, he felt a little sad. The lines on his face showed the passage of time and only the shine in his eyes was proof of his youth. His eyes were still, staring at one spot. He was concentrating on something."I think I am too old. Yes, I am" was one of the many thoughts that came into his mind. The day when I started my practical life looks like a part of yesterday. I didn't even notice how much time had passed! . He took a sip of coffee from the cup beside him and again sank into the sea of memories. They were his best friends."Mom, hello, Mom! It's me, calling from outside of the US Embassy. Mom I got great news! Guess what? I got a visa, Mom. I am coming to Lahore now. Tell everyone I got the study visa."He went back home after getting the visa from the American Embassy. He was so happy he got the study visa, and he should be, because he was one of those persons who got the chance to fulfill his wishes. He couldn't sleep that night. "I will work hard, I will do this." Different plans were going through his mind when he went to sleep. "Baba, wake up, Baba!" His mom woke him up. "Oh mom! Why does the morning come so early," he said in his usual tone and headed to the bath.At last the day came when his family and friends gathered at the airport to say bye to him--mom, dad, brother, sister, friends, and especially Munsaf, his best friend were there--after all, he was going to study out of the country. He felt a little sad in the airplane, but that changed to excitement, he was going to America! The flight was on time and from New York International Airport he headed to Charleston, the capitol of West Virginia. After the flight and a one-hour drive from Charleston, he reached Beckley, the city where the university was. He was so happy; so excited.The university officials gave him a room in the dorms. He took a shower and, making a light cup of tea, and stood before the window, slowly sipping it and puffing on a Marlboro light. "Oh girls!" He took a long breath as he watched a group of girls playing outside. He was kind of allergic to girls. His philosophy was that getting a girlfriend was a waste of time. He always shied away from boys and girls that his own family sometimes worried about his marriage. He just liked to be in his own world.A week passed and classes began. He did very well in software engineering, as he did it before in Pakistan also. In a short time, everyone in class started knew him because of his high-test scores. His classmates were surprised by his high achievement rate because, according to them, the teacher was not instructing them very well. Once as he was coming out of the class, he heard a voice, "Excuse me." He looked back and it was a good-looking girl. She might...

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