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Age Of Technology Essay

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Why do we have technology? What does technology do for us as human beings? In The current generation, the age of computers; technology is progressing at a rapid pace. For every day that passes by, there is always a new piece of technology invented or being invented. Technology's soul duty has always been and will always be to assist us in our daily lives, and take away the mental and manual labor we would have had to do otherwise. Unlike the olden days before technology was invented, if you want to research or something you are now able to use technology as an advantage. Technology is here to make our lives easier and assist us when assistance is needed. That is why we have ...view middle of the document...

In the modern day a human being can basically learn or do most anything we want without leaving the comfort of our own homes. Everything around you is changing, schools are developing and growing to accommodate more use of technology, some schools avoiding bookwork and paperwork completely. Employers are starting to believe that the face to face interview is too long of a process and are completely avoiding this process by advancing to online resources and video chats. Small companies and the union are starting to use technology as a way to support them in their daily routine and avoid any unnecessary manual labor. Hotels are starting to become more computer and technological based by using the current technological trends to assist their guests and employees, get their guests booked quickly, and make them feel at home and comfortable during their stay. In this world you cannot get anywhere without knowing how to use what is around you, without having skills and knowledge of the technology you are using.
How can information technology assist you in your social educational and professional future? With the information technology can give, you can use the information given to better yourself and apply your knowledge to your career. When you apply for a job using technology, you are able to gather the information you need to know on the job so that you can advance father be better prepared to face your competition in the adult world. In our day you could socially use technology to do anything you put your mind to. Social websites, are able to connect worlds with worlds, these sites depending on what you do are able to show who so ever decides to look you up who you are and what you are about. Employers are even starting to use social websites to find their future employees. Employers are also using online references to look up your background check, help them find out what your personality...

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