The Age Old Debate Of Caffeine Consumption

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A topic that children and parents have quarreled over for what seems like centuries is does caffeine have an significant affect on a child? Although most parents wouldn't dream of giving their kids a cup of coffee, but might buy soft drinks for their children routinely. Foods and drinks with caffeine are everywhere, but what you are going to learn is the actual effect that caffeine has on a child and if minimum consumption is rightfully enforced by parents. It is time for the ancient fight between you parents and your children about caffeinated beverages to end. After being properly informed on all arguments on this issue, the decision will be left up to you as parents to decide if you children should consumed caffeinated beverages or not.
Many of you man think that children are not consuming much caffeine at all, or at least not as much as their coffee crazed parents. However, in the Journal of Pediatrics study, it proclaimed that 75 percent of the children who were surveyed consumed caffeine on a daily basis. Consequently the more caffeine they consumed the less they slept. Also, the American Association of Poison Control Centers has reported around 1,200 cases of caffeine toxicity each year in children that were not even six years old!
Now, I would like to inform you of the extensive research I have completed involving the benefits of caffeine and why children should be allowed to routinely drink caffeinated soft drinks. Although the delicious taste is one of the incentives to drink most caffeinated beverages, it has become evident that there are plenty of other reasons as well. One reason is because of the increased alertness

and wakefulness that is caused from the consumption of caffeine. However, caffeines “perk me up” quality is only beneficial when a person is actually fatigued. Basically, if you are well rested, caffeines “energizing” effect will be irrelevant. Also, surprisingly, athletes routinely take in caffeinated products for its performance enhancing qualities. It said that caffeine will increase stamina during exercise and also appease post workout muscle pain by nearly fifty percent. It has been thought that since caffeine enhances the release of fats into the blood, more of these fats would be burned by the muscles at work. This is essentially providing muscle glycogen that is in a limited quantity under these circumstances. While it has been proven that caffeine does release fats into the blood, this only provides a rush comparable to an adrenaline rush in a competitive athlete. However, caffeine is the is primary factor that reduces the fatigue associated with long exercise sessions. Ultimately, it comes down to the ability of caffeine to make exercising appear easier due to the stimulant effect that it has on the brain.
Most of the studies linking caffeine consumption with health problems have comprised results that are inconsistent. The American Journal of Epidemiology reported a twenty five year study on three...

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