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Age Versus Beauty Essay

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Parents and children have coexisted for millions of years, not just humans but animals and dinosaurs. All these times every single child has had a time where they leave and do what they want. For most people this is college and some rebellious years in our adolescents. During these times we want to show a sense of freedom and identity within ourselves. Also, during these times we go from young feeble minded children to slightly aged knowing adults. This change can be instant or take many years. When the change occurs the attitude of the person is completely altered and changed forever. Even though this change occurs adults have still got more years and more knowledge with them. Kids should usually listen to adults for the reasons that adults know more, have experienced more, and have gone through what you are going through.

Kids should most likely to listen to their parents because the adults have lived longer and they have more knowledge than you. This is very well shown in Act 1, scene 3, lines 72 and 73, when Lady Capulet says, “I was your mother upon these years that you are now a maid.” This sentence shows that Lady Capulet already knows how life is, she knows much more about the outside world then Juliet does. Juliet has spent almost all of her life inside of the Capulet manor and now she is just starting to experience the world around her, while Lady Capulet is older she knows much more about the arranged marriage she is speaking of. Lady Capulet knows what Juliet doesn’t know about this marriage that it will bring money, power, and land to the family. Lady Capulet is not that much older but she is much more situated to the world around her.

Kids should also listen to their parents because their parents have experienced more than them in their longer life spans. This is shown very well in Act 3, scene 5, lines 155-156 when Capulet says to Juliet, “To go with Paris to Saint Peter’s Church, or i will drag thee in a hurdle...

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