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Through out the world, birth rates are falling rapidly and family sizes are shrinking. In Europe and other developed countries the total fertility rate is less than two children per woman. This indicates that the developed countries are growing their population very slowly or their population is starting to decrease. Low fertility rate means, fast ageing population. Developed countries will have low death rate so it is most likely that the ratio of the old people will increase. Europe, in the year 2000, has reported that 15% of their population was aged 65 or above. This number is expected to be double by 2050. Countries such as Sweden, Germany and Japan are concerned about the ageing population because this will affect their country not only economically but also politically and socially.Developed countries are the ones who are concerned with ageing population. Ageing population is most likely cause a negative impact. Starting around 2010 the negative impact will start showing in the country. The age group that is most economically active is in the age range of 45-55. In 5 years half of the people from this group will retire their jobs. Since developed countries have better medical care, these people will live longer. Families in nowadays give less birth than the families in the past. Future economically active people will have to endure a higher economic dependency ratio. The employees in the future will have to deal with higher tax demands because of the lack of work force, and this may cause an economic slump to the country. Shortly many employees in Sweden will retire their job. In about 15 years Sweden will lack of work force. Therefore welfare services won't be able to support all the services that will be required. This indicates that in many years Sweden might face poverty in their country again.Ageing population will also affect the political side as much as the economical side. However the effect on the political side won't be as fast as the economical side, but the effect on the political side will gradually affect the country. In voting for political votes such as electing a member or making new law it will be inefficient to vote with fewer amounts off people. Not also voting but in the future when the politicians retire there won't be enough people to replace the politicians. Therefore the politics won't be as efficient as the past. Japan Germany and Sweden are all heading towards the same problem. Among these three countries Sweden will be the first country to face this serious problem. Sweden's population society minister is worried about the serious situation that Sweden is going to face in the future and is coming up with a lot of ideas to avoid the predicted effect on the country by ageing population, and one of his plans is to allow migrants in the country. Not only the three countries I have stated but most of the developed countries are starting...

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