Ageing Prison Population Essay

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For my project topic that was given to my group, we chose to focus on the ageing prison population because that is what our professor gave us. Once my group decided on that as our topic, we divided the topic up into four sections. My topic was how so many older people (50+ years of age) ended up in prison. To explain this, I am going to talk about the sentences that the elderly have received, why they haven’t received parole yet, what the reasoning for staying or returning to prison is, and if the elderly are habitual offenders.
The theory I have chosen to help explain this topic is the Thomas Theorem. Thomas Theorem is when people take into account misconceptions. Once these misconceptions ...view middle of the document...

The prisoners also have misconceptions about the real world outside of jail. This means that because they have those misconceptions, the prisoners believe it would be better to stay in jail rather than try to find a job, house, car, and friends.
For the group assignment, we were given the ageing prison population. With having the ageing prison population as our topic, we went on to divide the topic into subsections that related to how the elderly and prison go together. For the base research, we were provided with two different websites that coincided with each other about how if the risk is low, prisons should let the elderly go. From the base research, I branched off to why so many elderly ended up in prison. To get more information on this branch of the research project, I used Google to search for the ageing prison population and how the elderly got there and multiple different websites came up for me to choose from. From the many different websites that came up, I chose five different ones that helped support my argument.
My findings supported my original thought that the elderly are habitual offenders and that some are there for life because of the crimes they committed but once they are released from prison, the elderly will not commit another violent act. Some of the things that I found to support my opinion were in The Crime Report article, saying that the statistics found quantify what criminal justice professionals know from experience. This is hat as a group, elderly prisoners who are released are not as likely to commit crimes again and be a threat to the public. This is even less when the elderly are frail or sick (Fellner, 2012). Most of the elders in prison are white males, and have been in prison before. The current sentence that most elderly prisoners are serving is for some form of interpersonal violence. There are two different types of elderly inmates: the first...

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