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Agency Visit Paper

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I decided to do my observation at Planned Parenthood. I chose the clinic located at 201 29th Street, Suite B in downtown Sacramento. “Planned Parenthood affiliates provide sexual and reproductive health care, education, and information to five million women, men, and adolescents worldwide each year”(Planned Parenthood, 2007). Planned Parenthood offers a wide range of services that include, primary care services, prenatal care, birth control options, cancer screenings, HIV testing and counseling, STD testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, female and male sterilization, and the most controversial service, medical and surgical abortion procedures. Planned Parenthood is open Monday through Friday and by appointment on Saturday. They are closed on Sundays, but they stay open until 7pm on Thursdays to accommodate people who work a 9-5 job all week.As I pulled up to the clinic I noticed many protesters out front right away. They were walking up and down the sidewalk holding up signs about abortions being wrong and they also had large posters with pictures of aborted fetuses. As I pulled into the parking lot I was immediately greeted by a woman who told me she would escort me to the door to avoid being harassed by the protesters. She also had loud music playing to help drown out the loud voices of the protesters. I can only assume that some of the clients coming there for help may be scared when faced with the possibility of encountering the protesters. Ultimately the clinic has no control over the protesters, so it is a very nice service to provide an escort for their patients.As I walked in I saw the receptionist area behind what appeared to be bulletproof glass. There were two separate waiting areas, one on each side of the check in window. I walked to the area located to the left and had a seat. Initially there were six people in that area. There was one black couple, 3 single women, one white and two black and one white male who I thought may be waiting for someone, but ended up being called back a few minutes after I arrived. The room was silent except for a TV that was on the nickelodeon channel. Shortly after I arrived three Hispanic women walked in together, that was the end of the silence. One of them was talking very loud about personal family business and cussing badly. She appeared to be mid thirties and she was talking to her mother. I could not tell the relation of the other woman that was with them. Her mom commented to her not to talk so loud. They ended up walking to the other waiting room to watch the other TV. The room was almost silent again; nobody was talking loud enough for me to hear. A young Hispanic woman with a two or three year old child in a stroller walked in and she was struggling with him. He would not listen to her at all and he was constantly saying “no” to anything she asked him to do. The most shocking part of that to me was when I heard her cussing at him; there is no reason to ever do that....

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