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Agents Of Society Essay

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An agent of socialization is something that affects you as an entity, and consequently the society as a whole. Agents are the persons, groups and organizations that generate the social framework in which socialization transpire. There are various agents of socialization; however, what are the most important in society with the most significance? The family, the community, peer groups, mass media and school all play big roles in our lives and our position in society. It is by way of these agents of socialization that we, as human beings, learn and assimilate the principles and models of their culture.
In my opinion family is the most important agent, simply because the most important years of our development (early childhood and teenage years) family has a major impact on our lives. Our relationship with our family is extremely imperative to our development. It is from them that we get our attributed status, language, fit into gender roles, pick up habits, and our initial values, beliefs and religion. Our interactions with our family from birth, through childhood and our teenage years have paramount influence on our personality, values, morals, etc. Family members act as role models to whom and what that child aspires to be when they grow up. And family members use themselves as the model of what the children should be like.
My family is middle to upper-middle class, and I know that they expect nothing less from me. They raised me to the best of their abilities and gave me all the tools and resources I would need to become successful. Ever since I was a child they gave me the best so that I would always expect and want the best for myself. The main family members I grew up with are my mother, step father, younger sister, two of my grandmothers, my aunt and three uncles and their children. I have an extremely close relationship with all of these people, they have all attributed to me being the person that I am today. They were the remarkable support system I needed through all my trials and tribulations and to strive to be the best I could be.
School is a very close second, almost as important as the community, in my opinion. School is where are first interactions with people, outside of family, take place. From the time we enter kindergarten until we graduate from high school or college, school plays an important role in our lives. It exposes us to the world outside of our own; we meet other students from different backgrounds, races, cultures, etc. In school we're treated as a group rather than individuals, we learn many things there from the formal curriculum (math, science,...

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