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Aggravating Factors That Lead To Excessive Force By Police Force

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In order to find relevant information on the subject, parameters were set up to help identify the most pertinent and useful information. The articles used in this review needed to be current (published within the last 20 years). The articles moreover needed to include a suitable designed study and/or a suitable designed literature review in relevance to excessive force and the abuse of police authority. The reviewed literature included a thorough evaluation from an analysis of secondary data consisting of information gathered from criminal justice peer reviewed journal articles of when excessive force occurs the most and how force can be determined by organizational, individual and situational factors. Past law enforcement studies have been reviewed to reference how law enforcement agencies are addressing use of force incidents but the main focus on these studies consists of factors that relate to the use of force by police officers, the causes of the use of improper force, both in terms of which officers are more likely to use it, and against whom and under what condition it occurs. These studies are related to excessive force and the abuse of police authority and were done in order to determine the aggravating factors that lead to excessive and what law enforcement agencies have come up with in order to reduce force and manage the problems with the use of excessive force. A total of 7 literature articles were used for this study.
The databases used to find literature were EBSCOhost and Google Scholar. The keywords used to find articles in Google Scholar were: excessive force, citizen complaints, excessive force statistics, police use of force, excessive force prevention, and police attitudes towards force. Table 1 shows the number of results found and studies that are used in Google Scholar based on the used keywords. The keywords used to find articles in EBSCOhost were: excessive force, use of force, use of force in communities, improper force, excessive force in the U.S, and police attitudes towards force. Table 2 shows the number of results found based on the keywords as well as the studies that are used from EBSCOhost. Overall, two studies from EBSCOhost were used and two studies from Google Scholar were used as shown in Table 1 and Table 2. Harris conducted a study based on police officers observations by a neutral third party who recorded information during police citizen contacts (Harris, 2009, p.30). The study was consisted of a systematic review, which included independent/psychological variables, situational/sociological variables and organization variables. Independent variables were used to measure the characteristics of police officers. Characteristics such as the officer’s attitudes towards their job, the length of service, the race of a two-man patrol team, officer’s attitudes towards citizens, attitudes towards the use of force and an officer’s education. On behalf of Harris’ study, the length of service did not have an effect...

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