Aggression In Human Beings Essay

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In cities, suburban areas and even small towns, people are fearful and concerned that violence has permeated the fabric of their communities and degraded the quality of their lives (Albert J. Reiss). There is aggression everyday and it can be seen in all different forms. Where ever you go there will be some type of aggression. While doing research, I learned new things about psychological aggression and affects aggression has on people.
The Milgram experiment can show you how psychological affects the humans nature on aggression. This experiment showed how when person when they were not near the learner, shocked them more than if they could see them. On Curiosity, a documentary, there was an episode called “how evil are you?” which showed exactly what Yale university psychologist Stanley Milgram did during his experiment (Roth).
The only thing that the documentary did that was not in the original experiment is that they added another step. The added step consisted of another teacher, whom was an actor just like the learner, that at a certain point would quit and step aside and the other teacher would have to take over. This showed that people influence each others psychological aggression to other people (Roth).
Even decades later, both experiments had the same results. The documentary has also shown how our own psychological genes have an effect on our aggression. It goes on and shows that a person’s DNA has a gene that tells how psychologically aggressive they can be, in other words psychopath (Roth).
In a sample of 991 parents in 1995, by the age of 2, 90% of them reported of using one or more forms of psychological aggression within 12 months with 98% by the age of 5. The most used psychological aggression that is used is that of yelling, shouting or screaming at children in households. Over half of the parents used the threatened to spank strategy (Murray A. Straus and Carolyn J).
An interesting fact I found was that one in four parents swore or cursed at their children with in the past year. The smallest portion of parents threatened to kick their kids out of the house. This was at a 6% prevalent. With all the other acts of psychological aggression, it was used to correct misbehavior or to control them (Murray A. Straus and Carolyn J).
Age kids up to age nine, threatening to spank or hit increases. When children reach ages 9-12 and 13-17, it then decreases. A contradicting fact is that about one third of the parents that kids in the 13-17 range reported that they did threatening to hit their child in the previous year. A developmental pattern reveals more serious acts of psychological aggression with a steady increase with age (Murray A. Straus and Carolyn J).
There was more psychological aggression from the father towards his kids if he lived with a partner than if he as a male-headed, single-parent family. If the mother was living with a partner, there was still more psychological aggression, but it was much...

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