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Aggressive Behavior, Heredity And Environment Essay

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“You are what you are because of heredity and environment.” Personal development are influenced by a person’s interactions with the physical and social environments. A persons personality is based on both heredity and environment. Special attention given to a child is very needed. Friends or peers also influences an individual’s personality. Influences on a child or person can be both positive or negative. An individuals environment and friends ethniticy are an important component of their positive or negative behavior. Aggression is one of many characteristics of temperaments. There is happiness, confidentiality, etc… But I will talk of aggression.
There are many different causes of aggression. A child or person experiences aggression when certain things don’t go their way, or perhaps, don’t get along with their peers. Peers are a big cause of aggressive behavior. What a person craves the most is to be loved or accepted. In many cases, peers pressure a person to carry out an activity that is usually not a positive act. If they refuse to act on it, they are automatically laughed at or rejected out of their circle of friends. Negative emotions are formed and thus, an individual will most likely become aggressive and cause damage. At some cases, aggression is inherited. All or most of their life, aggression is a daily temperament in their homes. It is most likely they will have aggressive behavior their whole life if not most of it.
Parents are very influential in a childs life. They need to have special attention towards their child and refrain from aggressive behavior in their childs presence. There are many expectations that a child wants from a parent. The only true acceptance they can find is in their home. Many times, a peer or friend will have negative effect on a child so the only safe place to find acceptance in their homes. We are what we are from the play of both heredity and environment. There are for interaction styles that a parent can perform to influence their child in both negative and positive behaviors. These interaction styles are...

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