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Hostile Takeover Of Ivonni Stores By Hondos Center.

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We are going to present you a negotiations plan concerning the hostile takeover of Yvonni Stores by Hondos Center. Hondos Center found Yvonni Stores in a critical financial situation, and considered this an optimum opportunity to make a move towards the takeover of all Yvonni's outlets.We will present the issue from the Hondos center point of view.I.Brief definition of the IssuesThe first step is to establish the issues.To begin with, the issues to be discussed will be:"«The price of the takeoverThe main issue of this negotiation is the price that Hondos Center is going to offer to Yvonni Stores. We will attempt to find a tempting price for which Hondos can buy Yvonni Stores."«The terms of agreement"«"Who will get how much of what and when"II.Presentation of the parties involvedA.Hondos CenterHistorical backgroundThe Hondos Center chain of shops was founded 35 years ago by the Hondos Brothers. Today the chain consists of 57 shops some of which are property of Hondos Center enterprises while other function with the franchise method in big urban cities of Greece and the Nicosia Cyprus.The experience and their achieved course of action in the field, have as result continuous proposals for franchise and dynamic extension of Company in cities with increased commercial interest.OutletsThe group allocates 2 types of shops:"«5 shopping center that cover an area of 5.000 m2 each. They include all the well-known brands of cosmetics, accessories of fashion, leather Bags and belts, underwear, CDs, books, men's, women's and children's clothing and footwear."«The shopping center of Omonoia square is the biggest of Hondos center's chain, that covers an area of 15.000 m2 and it is one of the most beautiful in the world."«Chain of cosmetics shops, which are of smaller size, and include all the types of cosmetics and accessories.Hondos Center shops allocate modern, tasteful and simultaneously practical spaces.PhilosophyMaintaining a powerful negotiation faculty they have ensured a philosophy corresponding with that of bigger super markets chains with specialization in all the cosmetics of wide distribution and the accessories of fashion.Future expectationsHondos Center's plan of growth has as main target the creation of new shops focusing its interest in the cosmetics and the accessories of fashion.ObjectiveTheir main objective is the continuous search of innovative ways to satisfy modern consumers' needs.Means"ÑThey provide high quality of services in the area of beauty with their specialized personnel."ÑThey allocate unlimited variety of cosmetic products and accessories in competitive prices, while they form the trends in the Greek market."ÑTheir shops offer a friendly and reliable environment to the customer that's why they have succeeded to build a powerful image in their area of operations.Current Financial SituationHondos Center200120001999Total short-term liabilities56.366.203 58.451.429...

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