Aggressive Tendencies In Violent Video Games

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Stefan Pakeerah, 14, is dead because his friend, Warren Leblanc, 17, killed him. Warren lured Stefan to a park claiming they were to meet two girls. He intended to rob Stefan to pay for drugs. He proceeded to attack him with a hammer and repeatedly stabbed him with a knife, both of which he was already carrying. Warren was found minutes later covered in blood by police. Last week Warren was convicted of Stefan Pakeerah's murder. No, Warren isn't an evil person; he was just addicted to a popular video game called Manhunt. Manhunt is created by the infamous video game developers Rockstar North, responsible for the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Stefan's father commented, "The way Warren committed the murder, this is how the game is set out, killing people using weapons like hammers and knives. There is some connection between the game and what he has done."One of the fastest growing forms of media is the video game industry. Over 11 billion dollars were made in video game sales last year alone. In 2003, more than 239 million computer and video games were sold. Can all of this time and money spent on video games be a good thing? Being one of the Americans that spend too much time and money of video games, I know that some people put way too much into video games. Sure the business is a good thing, but some of the ideas and morals being projected into our sweet children can be very controversial. Is violence in video games a direct link to aggressive behavior, and if so, what can be done, if anything, to fix this problem? Another question is that of the actual game. How does one define violent, do games where you kill people make you more violent than say a game where you kill monsters or aliens?A major issue which comes up in today's news much too often is school shootings. Could these shootings have something to do with video game violence? To find the answer it is important to look at the most famous school shooting ever, the Columbine shootings of Colorado. The killers in this shootout were big fans of a popular violent video game, Doom. Many other shootings involve violent video games as major parts of the killer's lives.Evidence is a very hard thing to find when dealing with this issue. Many research efforts have been made to prove the fact that violent video games do increase aggression in people. Dr. Craig Anderson of Iowa State University believes when teenagers play violent video games that seeds of aggression are sown in their minds. Dr. Anderson has conducted many experiments to prove this theory. His experiments show that players become more likely to harbor aggressive thoughts and show aggressive behavior in teens.David Grossman, retired professor of psychology at West Point, states that "These games teach a person how to look another in the eye and snuff their life out." I believe his idea is very true, as it desensitizes us to killing, thus making it easier to commit. When we can do it on the screen it makes it easier to do in the real...

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