Aggressive Tendencies In Violent Video Games

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Stefan Pakeerah, 14, is dead because his friend, Warren Leblanc, 17, killed him. Warren lured Stefan to a park claiming they were to meet two girls. He intended to rob Stefan to pay for drugs. He proceeded to attack him with a hammer and repeatedly stabbed him with a knife, both of which he was already carrying. Warren was found minutes later covered in blood by police. Last week Warren was convicted of Stefan Pakeerah's murder. No, Warren isn't an evil person; he was just addicted to a popular video game called Manhunt. Manhunt is created by the infamous video game developers Rockstar North, responsible for the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Stefan's father commented, "The way Warren committed the murder, this is how the game is set out, killing people using weapons like hammers and knives. There is some connection between the game and what he has done."One of the fastest growing forms of media is the video game industry. Over 11 billion dollars were made in video game sales last year alone. In 2003, more than 239 million computer and video games were sold. Can all of this time and money spent on video games be a good thing? Being one of the Americans that spend too much time and money of video games, I know that some people put way too much into video games. Sure the business is a good thing, but some of the ideas and morals being projected into our sweet children can be very controversial. Is violence in video games a direct link to aggressive behavior, and if so, what can be done, if anything, to fix this problem? Another question is that of the actual game. How does one define violent, do games where you kill people make you more violent than say a game where you kill monsters or aliens?A major issue which comes up in today's news much too often is school shootings. Could these shootings have something to do with video game violence? To find the answer it is important to look at the most famous school shooting ever, the Columbine shootings of Colorado. The killers in this shootout were big fans of a popular violent video game, Doom. Many other shootings involve violent video games as major parts of the killer's lives.Evidence is a very hard thing to find when dealing with this issue. Many research efforts have been made to prove the fact that violent video games do increase aggression in people. Dr. Craig Anderson of Iowa State University believes when teenagers play violent video games that seeds of aggression are sown in their minds. Dr. Anderson has conducted many experiments to prove this theory. His experiments show that players become more likely to harbor aggressive thoughts and show aggressive behavior in teens.David Grossman, retired professor of psychology at West Point, states that "These games teach a person how to look another in the eye and snuff their life out." I believe his idea is very true, as it desensitizes us to killing, thus making it easier to commit. When we can do it on the screen it makes it easier to do in the real...

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1634 words - 7 pages study of short-term effects showed, violent game playing results in aggressive behaviors for a certain amount of time after playing the game and a long-term effect is the children will slowly begin to increase their everyday aggressiveness (Video 1). Many violent video games are known for their increase of aggressiveness and violence, which is why it can be bad for a child’s mental health, but can also be bad for a child’s physical health

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855 words - 4 pages within the short term if the gamer is being withdrawn from violent activities. There are several studies based mostly around violence in video games, whether or not it will increase pressure level, aggressive behavior or violent situations. A study led by Brock University PhD student Paul Adachi has verified that affirmative, these violent games do cause aggressive behavior, but this can be supported how competitive the game is and not the violence

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1373 words - 5 pages been saved. American children aged 8-18 play an average of 8 hours a day (Kaiser Foundation). Teens that play violent video games have been found to have influences on their behavior. For example, kids who play violent video games tend to become more aggressive. These kids also have a higher chance of getting in fights with their classmates and friends. They will also have a drastic decline in school achievements and grades (Palo Alto Medical

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2332 words - 10 pages Study of Violence, Craig Anderson notes in his article, “The results, overall, have been fairly consistent across types of studies (experimental, cross-sectional, and longitudinal) and across visual media type (televisions, films, video games). There is a significant relation between exposure to media violence and aggressive behavior. Exposing children and adolescents (or ‘youth’) to violent visual media increases the likelihood that they will

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1046 words - 5 pages aggressive behaviors, such as killing or stabbing, in a virtual world.”( SHU CHING YANG 236) Once again, GTA is a perfect example because in the game the players are rewarded when the theft of a car is successful and when murder is involved in the robbery the player wins bonus points for killing the victim. Children should not play these games because they could be influenced to repeat these horrible actions in their adulthood. Violent video games

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847 words - 4 pages the pro side explained effectively is when they explained that violent video games can lead the youth to respond in aggressive situations. They explained that well because they explained that the youth can respond aggressively because of violent video games. One example for the con side is “exposure to violent video games has not been shown to be predictive of violent behavior or crime”. That last example was effective because they say that kids do

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995 words - 4 pages aggressive behaviour. However many other people believe that video games do not cause violent behaviour in gamers and that it is just an exaggeration. Putting aside the violence in a video game, there is actually many positive aspects of video games, many video games require strategy and logical thinking which is not normally taught in an educational environment. For example the "Command and Conquer" is a series that requires logical thinking and

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1167 words - 5 pages Bang! Bang! Bang! That’s a kill! Bonus points for Headshot. The little kid gets excited for the whole day because of what just happened and during dinner he pulls out a fake gun and starts shooting it. This is exactly why Proponents take their side in this argument by saying that violent video games contribute to Youth Violence. However Detractors argue that there is more to youth violence than just violent video games. Evidence from

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746 words - 3 pages Are violent video games dangerous for young minds and society? No, because in some ways kids are smart enough not to go out and kill someone or steal a car. One reason is that society is most of the buyer of their kids or minors video games so if they wanted to have the influence that there kids might go out and kill someone. Then why would they buy it? My second reason is that kids like I said are not under the influence of their video

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877 words - 4 pages Violent Video Games Shouldn't Be BannedWritten by: Nick LilleymanHumanity has had many scapegoats for violent acts during all it's ages, as long as there is something a person doesn't like people will always find a source to blame. Video games have been under a lot of scrutiny over the last few years. Many people believe that they have harmful side effects, and that teenagers should not be allowed to play them. The effects of violence in the

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902 words - 4 pages If you have not heard, there is a debate going on about violent video games. The reason for this debate is because of violent crimes committed by youth. Many people blame violent video games for these crimes; they believe that they commit crimes like the ones in those games. Detractors disagree; they believe that violent video games have benefits for playing those types of games. Both sides have articles on a web site called which

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3467 words - 14 pages , “ Researchers need to do a better job at defining what is considered a violent video game and what constitutes aggressive behavior.”(Huang, 2008)She further added that , “I think there may well be problems with some kinds video games for some kinds of kids.We may find things we should be worried about, but right now we don't know enough.”. Asides from receiving much negative criticism from other people in this field, Anderson's case studies

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1663 words - 7 pages the ground. A study conducted at the University of Michigan “determined that the strongest predictor of violence in adulthood is children's repeated exposure to violent entertainment and participation in the virtual violence found in most video games.” The University of Michigan study also reveals that frequent participation in violent video games has a stronger influence in future aggressive behavior more than other complex social norms (“Kill