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Aggressors Of The Pequot War. Essay Explores Controversy Over The War And Argues That Statue Of Major John Mason Should Be Removed, Instead Of Glorified.

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The Aggressors of the Pequot War In 1889, the state of Connecticut raised a memorial statue of Major John Mason in a spot near where he and his comrades killed 600 Pequot men, women, and children during the Pequot War. A few years ago, the statue was moved to the Palisado Green in Windsor, Connecticut. The statue was moved because the Pequots felt that the English were the aggressors of the Pequot War and had no right to keep their statue on the holy ground where their ancestors were slaughtered. Although the statue was moved, there is still much debate as to who the aggressors were during the war. In order to decide who the aggressors were, one must look before the beginning of this battle to discover the causes of the war. This is important for if one doesn't determine the chronological events of the war, he or she cannot find out who triggered the conflict. After studying before 1636, when the war started, it's determined that the English were the aggressors of the Pequot War. To prove the English were the aggressors of this war, the story of the Pequot war will be told, and the story will be linked in order to prove that the English were in fact the aggressors. The English were the aggressors because they made the first attack on the Pequots for an unjust reason. The story of the Pequot War and the events before and during the war, prove that the English were the aggressors. It all started in the year 1632 when Captain John Stone arrived in Massachusetts on a ship from Virginia. Capt. Stone was bound to travel back to Virginia in a short while. He planned to travel with Capt. Norton who was sailing in through the Connecticut River. Capt. Stone, having some relations with the Dutch, sent two of his men, along with some natives, to sail twenty leagues up river to a Dutch trading house. This small group of natives were not in fact Pequots, but rather part of a tribe in which the Pequots ruled over. On their way, the Englishmen stopped on shore to rest, before they had reached the trade house. While sleeping, the two Englishmen were killed by the natives. The natives soon traveled back to find Capt. Stone, asleep in his cabin. They killed him, killed some of his men, stole some of his goods, and sunk the boat that they had traveled in. A group of 150 Englishmen, sent by the Massachusetts Council, sailed to the Pequot tribe shortly after. Their goal was to obtain the heads of the men who killed Capt. John Stone. The English argued for revenge but the Pequots only wanted peace. In frustration, the Englishmen killed some Pequots and burnt...

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