Agil Analysis Of Biotech Companies

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Centocor Inc, A Johnson & Johnson Company- Centocor utilizes cutting-edge knowledge in biotechnology to discover and develop innovative large and small molecule medicines. Centocor has a leadership position in monoclonal antibody technology. The company creates, acquires and markets unique biopharmaceutical therapies to aid patients in need. Centocor's innovative products focus on the management of three major disease areas; cardiovascular, immunologic disorders and cancer.AGIL Analysis - CentocorIntegrationMore emphasis on Direct Sales and MarketingLow Cost ProductionTargeted Markets and ProductsHarmonization of processes and systems across all sites and R&D/ManufacturingTake advantage of the Johnson and Johnson umbrella to achieve goalsLatent ValuesEmployees (Johnson & Johnson Credo)Relationships with Customers/End Users (Doctors/Nurses) - (Johnson & Johnson Credo)Compliance/Regulatory Profile with FDA and International Regulatory AgenciesDelivering Value to CustomersGoal Attainment$4 Billion in SalesPenetration; Gain Market ShareCustomer AwarenessCost DifferentiationAdaptationMaintain capacity to meet anticipated demand for Rheumatoid Arthritis product, RemicadeLow Cost StrategyCompetitive MarketplaceCompetitor ReactionsCapacity for Anticipated Demands2. AmgenAmgen has been successful in the first round of legal wrangling over a successfully keeping Transkaryotic Therapies (TKT) and its partner, Franco-German drug giant Aventis from marketing a drug similar to the highly profitable Epogen. Amgen's competition that includes Genentech, Chiron, Celera Genomics, Human Genome Sciences, Inc is not intense enough to reduce the amount of profits it takes in. The competition is still a factor but not as much. Amgen is a niche in the non-medically "necessary", but physiologically important medications, including endometriosis. The patients will gladly pay out of pocket for relief. Also, the fear of osteoporosis is enough for the population to pay high costs for any medication proven likely to forestall its consequences. Amgen's competitive strategy includes licensing agreements with competitors, including Johnson & Johnson, Immunomedics, Inc, Phylos, Inc, Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc., and international firms. Amgen is performing well in time to market is a critical factor. Additionally, Amgen is investing in the development of novel technologies that may shorten this time by having strategic partnerships with MIT Media Lab.IntegrationLicensing agreements with competitors, including Johnson & Johnson, ImmunomedicsLatent ValuesCompliance/Regulatory Profile with FDA and International Regulatory AgenciesTime to MarketPatent ProtectionGoal AttainmentMaintain Strong ProfitsPenetration; Gain Market ShareCustomer AwarenessAdaptationPrevent Aventis and others from marketing drugs similar to the highly profitable Epogen in the US.Little or no CompetitionCapacity for Anticipated DemandsResponse to changing Customer requirements such as...

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