Agile Development: A New Wave Of Software Development

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Agile Methodology is a term I have come across more and more throughout my exposure to professionals in the IS field. Wither it be networking activities, interviews, or general conversation I repeatedly hear “Agile Methodology” in reference to system development and project management, where it is referenced as the “newest and greatest” method of development. This has made me wonder what exactly is Agile Methodology, when is it best for a development team to use Agile, why is Agile the “in” methodology, how is it implemented, and what are the results of “going agile”. In this series of summaries, I will peruse blogs and networking sites on the internet, utilized various journals, and interview fellow students and professionals in the IS field to discover the what, when, why, and how of Agile Methodology. In preparation of this summary I found that Agile is an umbrella term for at least ten different methodologies with three common key principles based on the Agile Manifesto.
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Agile Methodologies: A New Wave of Software Development.
Before my research I wasn’t sure what Agile Methodology exactly was. It didn’t help that what little I did know was bewildering, something that seems to be common among fellow students (B. Biskey, personal communication, April 15, 2010; S. Musa, personal communication, April 15, 2010; R. Nyholm, personal communication, April 15, 2010; A. Vic, personal communication, April 15, 2010) and blog authors (Unknown, 2010). I have found that Agile Methodology means different things to different people. It wasn’t until I read Wikipedia (2010) that I finally understood that Agile isn’t a single methodology but a catchall term created by the Agile Manifesto for a variety of adaptive methodologies. Agile Methodologies are an innovative and exciting method of approaching software development and as a result have greatly impacted it from the dawn of its existence (Abrahamsson, Ali Babar, & Kruchten, 2010; Krill 2010). All Agile Methodologies have three principles in common; iterative cycles, extensive testing, and the user and development team working closely together throughout the development process (Beck, et al., 2001; George, Hoffer, & Valacich, 2009).
Adaptive Methodologies. Agile Methodologies include; Extreme Programming, Scrum, Adaptive Software Development, Agile Modeling, Dynamic Systems, Feature Driven Development, Open Unified Process, Essential unified Process, Agile Unified Process, and Crystal Clear (Bose, 2008; George, Hoffer, & Valacich, 2009; Ionel, 2009; Wikipedia Contributors, 2010) .
The Agile Process
Each Agile Methodology has its unique method of development, but all necessitate face-to-face communication between stakeholders and developers to facilitate the iterative process effectively (Ambler, 2009; Anonymous, 2006; Beck et al., 2001; Bose, 2008; Wikipedia Contributors, 2010). Face-to-Face communication can...

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