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Agile Development Methodology Essay

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1
Agile development methodology 2
Agile development methodology
Agile Manifesto 3
Agile Manifesto
Advantages and disadvantages of agile software development 4
Advantages and disadvantages of agile software development
Conclusion 5
Bibliography 6

Agile development methodology

Agile development is a system development strategy where the system developers are given the competence to choice from a wide selection of appropriate tools and techniques that can be used when accomplishing a certain task on hand. Agile methods are the integration of different kinds of approaches of system analysis .Design application is considered suitable to the problem that is being solved and the system being developed. It also focuses on different aspects of the software development cycle. Agile methods are also known as agile methodologies.
According to (1):
“agile methods or agile methodologies are a software developing method that is people focused communications- oriented, that is flexible ( ready to adapt to expected changes at any time), speedy , lean (shorting timeframe and costs on Improved quality), responsive and learning ( focused on improvement during and after product development)”.
You get many different types Agile Methodologies such as scum, XP, DSDM which are popular agile methodologies.
Scum is the most popular way to introduce agility because of its simplicity and flexibility. It’s the most popular adopted agile method .It is an agile development method which is mainly concerned particularly on how to manage tasks in a team based development environment. According to (2) :
Scum was developed by Jeff Sutherland & Ken Schwaber. This method involved one or more small teams that work together to complete a project based on a list of tasks that are arranged according to priority. The list gets divided into a shorter list that gets completed within a certain timeframe (normally between 1 and 2 weeks).
Extreme programming is a radical agile method that is more focused on the software engineering process and it’s intended to improve quality of the product.
According to (2):
It’s very similar to scum in that it uses short development cycles throughout the entire process. It also helps to reduce cost compared to having a lengthy process. Methods involved the following: coding, testing, listening and designing. It’s also quite popular for its laid back and non-restrictive method.
Dynamic system development method (DSDM) is based on all the principles of agile. It uses the time boxing techniques which has an interval that is no longer then about 2, 4 or 6 weeks.
According to (5):
“DSDM is an organised, common sense process focused on delivering business solutions quickly and efficiently. It focuses on business solution rather than team activity”.
Agile Manifesto
In February 2001, 17 software developers got together at a ski-resort to spend some time reflecting on what defined the core principles of agile...

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