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Aging And Nutrition: Commentary On 3 Articles

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Article 1
Susan Weiner unveils the many secrets and successes of “ Age-proofing” your life. In her article, Weiner reveals that the two most imperative elements in your quest is nutrition and exercise. There is no exact blueprint on gracefully aging due to the fact that everyone is different however, if one practices a healthy lifestyle and accommodates it with minimal stress the aging process wont be as drastic as it can be. Many researchers have came to the conclusion that those who live the longest consume a high amount of fruit, vegetables, and grain. Agents used in the cooking process consist of healthier non saturated fats such as olive and canola oils. Foods containing soy and ...view middle of the document...

Breathing in and out through the nose using the diaphragm is an excellent way to relieve stress. Work, school, family life, home issues, financial struggles, and unhealthy relationships all play a huge role in the amount of stress one must carry around each day. While we stress, our body tries to maintain homeostasis by engaging in the “relaxation response” which was coined by a Harvard university professor in the early 1970's named Herbert Benson. This is when your body allows the sympathetic nervous to dominate. There are many actions that can activate this process such as meditation, prayer, biofeedback, self-hypnosis, and progressive relaxation. During this period of the time, the heart is reduced and the heart beats more effectively, blood Is drawn toward internal organs mostly to those involved in digestion and oxygen demand is decreased. Mind, body, and food are all connected in a special way. A healthful diet is necessary to be able to effectively carry out these processes. Caffeine should be limited as well as the intake of alcohol, food allergies should be controlled, meals should be eaten in a relaxed environment, and refined carbohydrates should be eliminated from the diet entirely. Nutrition plays a huge role on stress and stress management because most people don’t give their body's the nutrients and high quality foods that their bodies deserve. Most people focus on refined carbohydrates, high calorie food,...

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